5 Best GPS Tracker for Cars in 2022


Cars have become an indispensable element of our life during the last many decades. At this time, 90% of American families possessed at least one automobile. This exposes these families to the dangers that come with having a vehicle, such as accidents, thefts, and high insurance premiums.

5 Best GPS Tracker for Cars in 2022

You can, however, keep track of your car’s whereabouts at all times thanks to GPS technology. Add-on services such as vehicle diagnostics, accident warnings, risky driving behavior notifications, fuel use, and more are available from some of the top GPS trackers for car service companies.

In addition, if you install a high-quality vehicle GPS tracker from a reputable manufacturer, some insurance companies will give you a large reduction in your auto insurance prices.

There are many different types of GPS trackers for automobiles on the market. Some of them include a magnetic casing that makes them simpler to hide.

Others, on the other hand, need to be linked to your car’s OBD2 port. Some trackers merely gather position data, while others provide a more complete collection of data that helps you to better care for both your automobile and your loved ones.

Our List Of Best Car GPS Trackers In 2022

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 OBDII and portable GPS trackers for automobiles on the market right now, along with their finest features, to help you choose the right one.

The goal of this article is to compile a list of the greatest items on the market, not to evaluate or rate them. All of the goods on this list offer a variety of distinct characteristics that appeal to a broad range of client needs.

We analyzed the devices based on their price, subscription plans, battery life, size, and installation procedure when generating this list.

We looked into things like the nations they cover, how easy it is to use their app, how secure it is, and any other unique features they have. We also looked at the other services these companies provide, such as lifetime warranties, 24/7 customer service, installation assistance, and more.

The goal is to educate and enlighten the reader about the many possibilities available on the market.

1. Matrack MA-OBD Classic Plug-in Car Tracker – Best No Contract Car Tracker

Matrack is a renowned GPS service provider in the fleet and asset management business, and its MA-OBD Classic Plugin is the market leader in GPS tracking. The GPS tracker may be readily installed in any vehicle’s OBDII port and provides faultless 4G LTE coverage.

This asset tracker serves as one of the finest GPS trackers for automobiles on the market because of its tiny design. It takes just a minute to install and may be hidden discretely in your automobile.

The MA- OBD Classic Plug-in works with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and more.

One of the best-selling features of this GPS tracker is that it allows you to follow the real-time position of your automobile from anywhere in the globe after you’ve set it up with your mobile device.

You may download its user-friendly app, which enables you to customize alerts and notifications according to your preferences.

The tracker also allows you to construct Geofences, which are virtual boundaries that alert you when your vehicle enters or departs a certain region – a function that is very useful when your car is parked in a public location for an extended period of time.

In the event that your automobile is stolen or is involved in an accident, the tamperproof MA-OBD Classic Plug-in GPS tracker includes an aggressive tracking mode. Although the tracker cannot prevent such terrible events, it may aid in speeding up the process and reducing damage.

Matrack Inc. outperforms the competitors in terms of services. All of their products are solid and dependable, provide precise tracking, and are long-lasting.

The MA-OBD Classic Plug-in GPS Tracker for Automobiles is a fairly inexpensive GPS tracker for cars that comes with a broad variety of functionality. The San Ramon-based firm also provides year-round client service at all hours of the day and night.

The MA-OBD Classic Plug-in Vehicle GPS Tracker costs $85, with a monthly subscription costing $12.95. This is the ideal option for fleet owners who wish to monitor their cars using GPS.

There are no commitments, fees, or levies to worry about. You may cancel and unsubscribe from their services at any moment without incurring any further fees.

Product Features:

  • Manufacturer with a strong market position
  • Installation is simple.
  • 4G and wifi access that is dependable
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  • Preferences for alerts and notifications may be customised.
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and sturdiness are all features of its design.
  • All gadgets are compatible.
  • Setup of GeoFences and Alerts
  • Location monitoring in real time
  • Theft and accident monitoring in a high-octane mode
  • $85 is a reasonable price.
  • The gadget is covered by a one-year warranty.
  • There is no commitment, no hidden fees, and you may cancel at any moment.

Battery & Specs:

  • 1.2′′ x 2.7′′ x 4.1′′
  • NA (not available)
  • Internal battery type
  • OBDII trackers operate as long as the car’s OBDII port is attached.

2. Bouncie GPS Tracker – Best Affordable Monthly Subscription Car Tracker

If you want driving insights as well as location monitoring, this is another wonderful choice. The Bouncie GPS tracker must be plugged into your car’s OBD2 connection, and the business claims that the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

Including connecting the tracker to the OBD2 port, installing the app, and establishing an account. Bouncie, like other GPS trackers on the market today, is compatible with a wide range of devices, giving you continual access to your vehicle’s information and location.

Individuals and fleets may use Bouncie to monitor their whereabouts. Their automobile GPS trackers are precise to within a few feet of the real position and provide 15-second updates. Accident notice and roadside assistance are also provided by the GPS service provider.

After pairing the tracker with the accompanying app, you’ll have access to real-time driving details including as speed, acceleration, hard braking, and idle time.

The Bouncie GPS tracker has a monthly membership fee of $8 and a one-time equipment fee of $67. There are no hidden fees or penalties, and purchasers are not required to sign any contracts.

Features of the product:

  • Subscription is $8 per month.
  • Data on the road in real time
  • Refresh for 15 seconds
  • OBD-II port connection
  • Data was shown on a mobile app.
  • As long as you have an active membership, you are covered for life.

Specs and Battery:

  • 1.75′′ x 1.87′′ x 1′′
  • 1.28 oz weight
  • NA for the battery
  • Internal battery type
  • OBDII trackers operate as long as the car’s OBDII port is attached.

3. Family1st Car GPS Tracker – Best Portable Car Tracker

This automobile monitoring system is perfect for family usage, as the name implies, particularly if you have a teenage or elderly driver at home. It may basically be used to teach your adolescent driver safe driving techniques.

Over 500 five-star customer evaluations on top e-commerce websites attest to the dependability of Family1st’s equipment. The GPS tracker’s modest size allows it to be installed in your automobile without being seen.

The Family 1st sturdy GPS tracker for automobiles can be connected with Alexa, making it easy to access position and other information, thanks to its continuous 4G cellular and internal Wi-Fi connection.

This portable auto GPS tracker works with your phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices, giving you fast and continuous access to your vehicle.

You may configure alerts and notifications for things like engine status, speeding, severe driving, and accidents after you’ve integrated the GPS tracker with its app on your preferred device. This makes it almost hard for your adolescent to get into your automobile and take unneeded trips.

The Geofence function on the Family1st GPS tracker allows you to define up to 10 virtual limits. An alert is delivered to your mobile as soon as your vehicle departs or enters the pre-set virtual barrier.

The gadget is built to withstand any kind of adverse environment, including severe weather and rugged terrains, making it one of the finest GPS trackers for your family vehicle.

The battery in this car GPS tracker is a 600 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery that can last up to 14 days with 1 hour of motion updates.

Family1st, situated in St. Charles, is well-known for its GPS trackers designed to keep your family secure. The GPS service provider provides a large number of excellent services at a low cost.

Customers may contact their staff of qualified and competent service executives with any questions or difficulties, and they are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Family1st Car GPS Tracker is available for $18.95 with a $19.95 monthly subscription. You are free to terminate their membership at any moment.

A lifetime guarantee is also included with the item.

Features of the product:

  • The Most Economical Device
  • Monthly Subscription at the Lowest Price
  • Us ing Wi-Fi for Indoor Tracking
  • Advertisement
  • cellular technology (fourth generation)
  • Notification & Alerts in Real-Time
  • Alexa is built in.
  • Guaranteed for life
  • GeoFence
  • Apps for mobile phones, tablets, and computers
  • Tech Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Battery Life: 2 Weeks in Active Mode, 6 Months in Sleep Mode Life of the Batteries
  • Teenage and elderly drivers will benefit the most from this vehicle.

Specs and Battery:

  • Size: 2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.1″ Dimensions: 2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.1″
  • 3.60 Oz. weight
  • Li-Polymer 2400 mAh battery
  • Internal and rechargeable batteries
  • 2 weeks of continuous use with a 1 minute update
  • Battery life in sleep mode is 6 months if you update once a day.

4. Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker – Best Magnetic Car Tracker

A new and unique function has been added to the Logisitmatics Mobile-200 GPS tracker. You may audio monitor — listen in on what is going on at your car’s location – by dialling the tracker’s phone number.

This function comes in handy if you see your automobile parked in an unusual spot and want to know what’s going on before taking action. At the tracking site, there is no audio monitoring.

The 4G tracker is suitable for both automobiles and other vehicles. It comes with a powerful battery that may last for up to 10 days between charges.

The tracker provides real-time location notifications and updates every 30 seconds. The tracker also includes all of the standard capabilities, such as geofencing, vehicle speed, and engine condition.

The tracker’s accuracy is within 15 metres of the real-time position. The gadget is additionally protected with a magnetic casing that is sturdy, long-lasting, and weather-resistant.

The tracker will set you back $49.99. Monthly billed @$24.95 per month, six months pre-billed @$14.95 per month, and 12 months pre-paid @9.95 per month are the three GPS service options offered by Logistimatics. There are no obligations, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Features of the product:

  • A monthly membership costs $14.95.
  • Data on the road in real time
  • Refresh for 30 seconds
  • A SIM card is a device that allows you to
  • Battery that can be recharged
  • Calling the tracker’s number for live audio is possible.
  • A vehicle attachment magnet
  • On the mobile app, data was shown.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Specs and Battery:

  • 3.34′′ x 2.28′′ x 1.14′′
  • The weight of this item is 7.1 oz.
  • 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Internal and rechargeable batteries
  • For 30-second updates, the battery life is 10 days active.

5. Americaloc GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker – Best Mini Car Tracker

The Americaloc GL300 is a small, portable gadget that can track practically anything. With one-minute updates, it features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 14 days. It fits easily in seat pockets or anyplace else in the car thanks to its narrow and small design.

You may also use it to do discrete tracking. So the next time your adolescent picks up the keys for an exciting journey, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them.

The Americaloc GL300 is a real-time GPS tracker that provides you with precise and dependable position updates every minute.

You may also increase the update frequency by 30 or 10 seconds without incurring any further charges.

It provides many notifications to prevent theft and other undesirable activities like as movement, parking, speeding, low battery, Geo zones, and so forth. You may also keep track on your loved one’s driving abilities and where they are heading using this.

The gadget is somewhat costly, costing $109.90. The firm does, however, provide a free two-month membership. You’ll pay less than $25 per month for the remaining months of service. There are no contracts and no hidden fees.

Features of the product:

  • Keeps up to a year’s worth of track records.
  • If necessary, it may be converted to a wired device.
  • There is no contract.
  • There are no fees for activation or cancellation.
  • Alerts in Real-Time
  • Geofences
  • precise location
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Coverage in every country

Specs and Battery:

  • Size: 7″ x 1.51″ x 0.92″ Dimensions: 7″ x 1.51″ x 0.92″
  • 24 oz. weight
  • Lithium-ion batteries are used.
  • Internal and rechargeable batteries
  • With one-minute updates, the battery lasts 10-14 days.

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