Battle Royale Game

Battle Royale Game

The Most Downloadable Battle Royale Game in the World is Now in the Urdu Language

You have to question if that is really conceivable when you read that title. Was the international Battle Royale title exclusively located in Urdu for Pakistanis – also the most downloaded Battle Royale game in the world?

Yeah, that right, you heard. The world’s most downloaded Battle Royale game – Free Fire – has got its most recent version (OB29), with the correct support of the Urdu language finally included.

This will help people from all learning and language backgrounds comprehend and enjoy Free Fire, as Urdu is our most spoken language.

Sounds very different and attractive as one immerses in the game, much like commonalities in other games. The game contains more than 35 unique characters, and each character has a special power to give a certain domain edge. The animals may further support these heroes and their skills.

You can now switch the entire user interface from English to Urdu, including buttons and other key information needed to navigate around the user interface. Even if you understand English, Urdu has its own beauty and atmosphere to discuss, communicate and play games!

Just like real animals in the world, your in-game pet always follows your character and increases one of your attributes. The animals are adorable but can be converted into fantastic things. The game features several different weapons and animal skins and costumes.

The three most singular features of Free Fire – fun and connection, and strategy and competition. Free Fire is famous for its collaborative efforts undertaken by the Free Fire product development, marketing, and partnerships teams at Garena are the product of these distinct competencies of the game.

The game also contains a choice of maps that can accommodate up to 52 players in one game. And then other game modes enable smaller and shorter games with more exciting rules. Squads and guild concepts bring a completely new degree of connectedness and competitive elements to the game.

And that leads us to Free Fire’s next bastion – eSports! Free Fire has promoted massive eSports free fire events for local and international users. One league is over and the following league begins before you can even rest a while. Free Fire eSports in Pakistan have expanded enormously.


Free Fire is and does it in a style – with an official tournament in association with the Government of Pakistan and Bigo Live – the first brand partnership with the Government of Pakistan’s e-PAK program for the promotion of eSports in Pakistan.

A small group of 4 players in a single game can play as a team. Guild is a massive clan team that may accommodate up to 50 individuals under the same clan tag. In the official and unofficial Free Fire competitions, members from their guild can gather together to represent their clan.

There is so much to speak about this game, and if you add Urdu to the mix, will you really ask for something else? It is a full game that has surpassed the bar for Pakistan’s players.

Free Fire delivers exciting events, contests, donations, and in-game products to its users on all big local and international occasions. Their customers love these exciting, in-game and off-game gifts and the introduction of several mini-games and tasks.

Users can download Free Fire and begin missions starting from August 9 (09.08) and continue until August 14 for the Jashan-e-Azadi event (14.08).

Similarly, Free Fire will deliver an amazing picture contest and several in-game quests to assist you to win some extremely expensive stuff in the game on this Independence Day – 14 August.

On 14.08 attractive in-game prizes can be redeemed for the points achieved by completing these quests.

On August 14th (14.08), you can log in to Free Fire for a chance to win 1 of 4 exclusive female bundles, DJ Beanie, Emote, Thrasher, and much more! You can do it in the Free Fire! All these awards, you can acquire free, are quite valuable.

You can’t miss the Pakistani photo contest, whether you’re playing free fire or not. This contest will highlight the everyday difficulties of young Pakistanis daily and discuss them with a little lighter focus. Usually, with your parents, professors, and even people from the same group you experience these challenges.


Oh, Free Fire is a Free-to-Play game for itself, which means you don’t have to buy the game to play it. Just download, register, and start playing!

This photography competition is a method to allow her to communicate her problems joyfully, and commemorate the Day of Independence, recognizing our young generation’s perseverance and dedication.

All you have to do for this contest is:

  • Take a picture of yourself in one of Pakistan’s regular everyday problems. You can refer to the list of desire fighting listed below to help you with suggestions.
  • Post your Postvisibility profile, together with a descriptive title of the fight, on your Facebook or Instagram profile #FFMySurvivalStyle #FreeFirePK.
  • Copy and paste the connection for your posting into this post’s comments section:
  • Wait for the Free Fire Team to select the top 20 competitors for public elections on the official social network of Free Fire
  • The first round of votes between 12.08 (night) and 15.08 shall be composed of the top 20 submissions. On 16th August the top 5, top 2, and top 1.

To Download Click Here:

Show Free fire and receive an opportunity to win over a smartphone, power banks, gamers’ earbuds, or free firewalls and expensive outfits for your Pakistani survival style.

Download Urdu’s first game Battle Royale! Play Free Fire this August, and do not forget to log in to free presents at 14.08 (14 August)!


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