Best Motorcycle Helmets Of 2022


We’ve tried practically every helmet on the market and rated them based on build quality, weight, comfort, and safety at. Five helmets stood out as the finest of the best for individuals looking for the most cutting-edge safety and comfort. However, because that level of excellence comes at a cost, we have selected five affordable helmets that perform admirably.

Top motorcycle helmets of 2022

Are you in the market for a new helmet for the first time? We’re delighted to have you here! To achieve a great fit, we recommend reading our guide to sizing and purchasing a motorcycle helmet before selecting a lid from this page.

The selection process

We don’t just accept helmet manufacturers’ word for it at. Our product testers and specialists are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in order to find the best in the business. When looking for the greatest gear, we can also rely on a plethora of reviews and customer service experiences. After all, there’s no alternative for hands-on experience in the real world. Let’s have a look at the best motorbike helmets for the year 2021.

Best budget full-face helmet: Sedici Strada II

The Sedici Strada II, which costs $230, is the best in its class in terms of features, protection, and comfort. That’s why we named it this year’s best affordable full-face helmet. For light weight and substantial strength, the Strada II’s shell is made of fibreglass and Kevlar. It comes in three shell sizes and four EPS liners, all of which increase fit and aesthetics. In terms of looks, we enjoy how the Strada II has a simple, adaptable design with a variety of graphic options.

ECE certification, a drop-down internal sun visor, and a pinlock-ready face shield with excellent optics are all features of the Strada II. Sedici also provides the Parlare model, which comes with a built-in Bluetooth system. There are no complaints about the ventilation because it is effective and simple to regulate. Overall, the Strada II is our top budget selection for 2022, because to its well-rounded feature set and low price. It doesn’t get any better for beginner lids than this.

Best dirt helmet: Bell Moto 10 helmet

The Bell Moto 10 takes home the top dirt helmet award this year. This is Bell’s top-of-the-line dirt helmet, and it’s worn by the best riders in the world. Cameron Macadoo was wearing a Moto 10 helmet when he was involved in a particularly violent crash in Atlanta this year, and the helmet handled the impact admirably. Macadoo, on the other hand, was cleared to race again and finished third. We’re blown away.

For additional protection from rotating impacts, the Moto 10 employs cutting-edge Spherical MIPS technology. It also features a segmented 3K carbon shell that provides exceptional strength while being light. The two parts are connected with aerospace-style connectors to form a massive ventilation channel running through the centre of the helmet. It’s one of the most comfortable dirt lids we’ve ever tested because of this. The Moto 10 is certified by the DOT, ECE, and SNELL, and it accepts most goggles. This is the year’s “holy grail” helmet for dirt bikers.

Best budget dirt helmet: Fox Racing V1

The V1 from Fox Racing is a good option for individuals on a tight budget. These helmets start at $190 and provide features and protection that are comparable to certain mid-tier helmets. We like that the V1 comes with MIPS for under $200, which means it has proven protection. The Fox features a sleek polycarb/ABS shell that comes in four sizes and isn’t too heavy.

For you dual-sporters out there, the V1 is DOT/ECE approved, which means it’s legal to ride on the street, and the vents are enough. Washability is a crucial consideration for dirt riders, and Fox anticipated this with an interior that is simple to remove and clean. The peak also has a sleek magnetic release system that allows it to pop off instead of shattering if you take a tumble. The V1 is a great value for the money, and it’s our top pick for dirt newbies.


Best modular helmet: Shoei Neotec 2

The Shoei Neotec 2 is our favourite modular on the market. While other helmets have come and gone, the Neotec’s elegance and attention to detail continue to astound. Although it is a little heavier than some of the other alternatives in the class, our testers prefer Shoei’s modular when comfort and convenience are the most important factors. With its dual-layer EPS liner and stainless steel chinbar lock components, the Neotec 2 provides ample of protection.

The Neotec 2 is quiet and stable on the road. To decrease neck fatigue, the shell features a spoiler design and vortex generators. An inbuilt sun visor, good ventilation, a Pinlock-ready face shield, and integrated connectors for a Sena SLR Bluetooth Headset are among the other features.

Best budget modular: HJC i90

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good modular. However, because of the intricacy of movable chinbars, there are a lot of unsatisfactory modular helmets on the market at the low end. In its class, the HJC i90, on the other hand, is our top pick. A sporty polycarbonate shell with a big eyeport and internal sun visor is used in this helmet. HJC’s One-Touch shield technology, which raises and lowers the shield with a single touch, was very appealing.

HJC included an extensive ventilation system, moisture-wicking internal materials, glasses grooves, speaker pockets, and options for SMART HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth communicators to set the i90 different from the competition. The i90 doesn’t have any unique features or materials, but HJC’s attention to detail makes it our top pick for the core modular helmet experience. This helmet is DOT and ECE certified, with the exception of the 3XL through 5XL sizes, which are exclusively DOT certified.

Best ADV helmet: Arai XD-4

Do you usually combine dirt and pavement on your rides? To conquer any terrain, you’ll need an ADV helmet. Based on our expert testing and user feedback, the Arai XD-4 is the king of ADV helmets for 2022.

The XD series from Arai is one of the most storied in the industry, and with the XD-4, Arai achieves new heights of protection and performance. The helmet has SNELL M2020 certification, excellent ventilation, and a removable foam interior that may be customised to the tastes of the individual rider. Arai’s painting is rich and accurate, and each XD-4 is handcrafted. When taking a difficult section or battling traffic, the large air scoops on the sides of the helmet keep the air flowing. When you add in the aerodynamic peak that prevents buffeting at high speeds, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Best budget ADV helmet: Bell MX-9 Adventure

Not everyone requires a high-end, handcrafted ADV helmet. We recommend the Bell MX-9 Adventure for 2022 if you’re seeking for a tough helmet that you can use and abuse. Its polycarbonate shell keeps it inexpensive while also keeping it light, and it comes in three shell/EPS sizes to accommodate a variety of fit preferences. In a size medium, the MX-9 Excursion weights three pounds and six ounces, which is ideal for any adventure.


A removable peak (which enhances stability on lengthy highway stretches) and a very large viewport (which accommodates most goggles without removing the face cover) are also noteworthy. If you plan on taking your MX-9 Adventure off-road, don’t forget to pick up a pair of goggles! Overall, this is a good-looking, well-made option that won’t break the budget.

Best race/sport helmet: AGV Pista GP RR

The AGV Pista GP RR is our preferred helmet for the quickest of the fast. Of course, it’s made entirely of carbon fibre and weighs just three pounds and five ounces in a medium-small size. With a FIM certification, it is one of the lightest helmets in its class. This FIM-approved helmet is designed for racing aficionados, but it may be be used on the street.

A 190-degree field of view through an optically correct shield with provisions for Pinlock inserts and tear-offs provides great visibility. A removable integrated hydration system is also included. If you haven’t guessed, this helmet is the closest we humans can come to the equipment worn on the MotoGP grid, and it has earned its reputation as the finest of the best because to AGV’s uncompromising design.

Best budget race/sport helmet: LS2 Thunder Carbon

Yes, our “budget” pick for best race/sport helmet is $700, but bear with us while we explain why. The LS2 Thunder Carbon helmet is a fantastic value that fits more into the category of “bang for buck” than “cheap.” (It is, however, half the price of the AGV above!) This helmet comes with a long list of features and extras that set it apart from the competition. To begin with, a medium weighs three pounds and four ounces, making it lighter than the Pista GP RR. It is even DOT/ECE/FIM certified. The Thunder Carbon is kept as light and neutral as possible thanks to its amazing aero design.

A high-quality carry bag, transparent and smoke shields, tear-offs, Pinlock inserts, a winter breath guard, a hydration tube, and an inflatable helmet cushion are all included with the helmet. LS2 essentially comes with everything you’ll need to take a helmet to the track, including all of the necessary accessories and performance. We wish more manufacturers would adopt this strategy, but for the time being, LS2 is the clear leader in this category.

That concludes our list of the best helmets of the year. We’ve scoured the industry for the greatest lids, and we’re convinced that these options won’t let you down. Our customer service team can also lead you in the proper path if you have any inquiries about these helmets. Make sure to check out our top-ranked recommendations for the best motorcycle gear in 2022.


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