CamScanner Premium MOD APK [License Key | Without Watermark]


CamScanner Premium MOD APK is a scanner for mobile phones. It’s an Android app that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a scanner. CamScanner Premium also includes a slew of other useful tools and features.

CamScanner Premium MOD APK

You can convert photos to PDF, modify any document, add an E-Signature, scan a book, and so much more. All of those tools and features are quite beneficial to us, and people enjoy using them.

The CamScanner app is downloaded and installed by over 400 million people on the Google Play Store. The majority of them participate in this activity, which is really beneficial for job in the office, school, and college. You can use CamScanner Premium MOD APK for free if you need the greatest scanner system on your phone. All premium features are available for free here.

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Today, we’ll show you how to get CamScanner MOD APK for free, complete with all premium features unlocked and a licence key. Furthermore, we go over each of the top features in depth. As a result, you have a better understanding of how to use the app on your device. Let’s jump right in if you’re interested.

What CamScanner Premium MOD APK Is?

CamScanner MOD APK is an Android software that has been modified to make it easier to install. In fact, the Mod Apk gives you access to all of the premium features for free. Any Android user may easily install and use all of the features. It’s a document, picture, and scanner application, as well as a PDF converter and editor mod.

Premium Features of CamScanner MOD APK

As you may be aware, CamScanner has a number of unique and premium features. So, if you want to put it on your smartphone, you should be aware of all of the characteristics. It assists you in determining whether you need to install or choose another.

Easily Make Digitize Documents

It is the CamScanner app’s most prominent feature. You may simply convert any paper papers, cards, or photographs to digitised documents using your phone. It scans the paper with your device’s camera to create a document file.

You can save such files in the file formats you need, such as Pdf, Jpg, or Doc. You can share the document with your friends via social media and email once you’ve completed it. It’s really beneficial, particularly for official employment and pupils.

High-Quality Scan and Cropping

CamScanner is designed to scan paper documents and it performs admirably. You can acquire a high-quality scan result, and the scanned page is automatically cropped to perfection. This means you won’t have to worry about anything because the documents will be correctly cropped and used anyplace.

CamScanner Premium MOD APK

Also, the filters are fascinating, and you may use any of them to enhance the appearance of your digital document. Premium colours and filters turn your scanned material into a true and clear image.

Print Your Document Via AirPrint

For the hard copy, we must constantly print our materials. CamScanner now converts the paper document to a digital format, which you can then edit. Now, if you want to print a document from your phone, you can do it with ease using AirPrint.

AirPrint allows you to print any document instantly to a nearby printer. It’s quite useful, and you can even fax it from your device.

Powerful Documents Edit

When we create a digitised document, we want to be able to edit it and make changes to it. You can simply alter any document and add watermarks, e-signature, and other features with the CamScanner MOD APK.


The advanced editing features are quite useful, and they are completely free to use. CamScanner Premium Mod makes editing a breeze.

Secure Your Documents with Password

If you have any sensitive papers, you may quickly protect them using a password. Nobody can access the document after that. You can also generate the download link and send it to a friend.

Your friend can now download the document and open it using your password. You may easily create a secure document this way.

Other Premium Features on the MOD APK [Free to Access]

There are a slew of other intriguing and premium options to choose from. With our Mod and licence key, you can use it for free.

  • Convert your Image to Text and then make a doc, excel file easily. It is a premium feature and you can access it for free on CamScanner MOD Apk.
  • You can scan the whole book with the Book Mode in CamScanner Premium for free.
  • You can get the free 10GB Cloud Storage and you can store any of your documents on the cloud securely.
  • It syncs automatically on the cloud and then you can access the files anywhere and on any device.
  • Quick Search can find the right document or file easily with less time. It is pretty useful when your device has lots of files and you need a file quickly.
  1. No-Ads and Without Watermark
    The free version of CanScanner contains ads and a watermark on the final expert document. Now, the Ads are very disturbing for work on the app. But the Mod APK of CamScanner Premium doesn’t contain ads on its interface.

System Requirments

Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements before downloading and installing CamScanner MOD APK Premium. Those minimal requirements must be met in order to achieve a smooth performance.

Operating System: Above Android 5.1

  • RAM: 2GB, 3GB, or Higher
  • Processor: Octa-Core Processor [1.8GHz] | Recommend SD 450, MediaTek Helio P35
  • Storage: 60.51MB
  • Permission: Gallery, Phone Info, Storage, Wi-Fi, Camera
  • How to Download and Install CamScanner Premium MOD APK with License Key?
  • Here we put the download link of CamScanner MOD APK with the License Key. At the top of the page, you get the download button. All you need to do, click on it and then you redirect to the download page.
  • After download the Mod APK file, you need to install the APK on your device with License Key. Then you can use all the premium features for free on your device. If you are a beginner then you can follow the steps.

Go to the folder where the APK file is saved in the device File Manager.
Click on it, and then on Setting if you have any problems.
Then press the return button after enabling “Unknown Sources.”
Wait a few seconds after pressing the Install button.
Now you may effectively and for free use the CamScanner MOD APK on your device.

FAQs About CamScanner

Can I scan premium APK?

INTSIG Information’s CamScanner Premium MOD APK is one of the most popular document scanning programmes. You may download and use the full features of this software without paying any additional fees right here.

How do I upgrade CamScanner to premium?

Upgrade to a Premium account. Turn on CamScanner Optimal Scan Quality so you can scan in HD quality. “Settings”-“Scan”-“Scan Quality & File Size” is where you’ll find it. Scanning the questions and compiling them into a question book is a good idea.

How do I download CamScanner without watermark?

A watermark is a faint letter that appears on a document. CamScanner embeds a watermark into the produced documents when you alter an image or export a pdf file. We’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan to get rid of the watermark.


How do I purchase CamScanner?

CamScanner is only available as a one-time purchase. CamScanner premium subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis ($4.99/month or $49.99/year). Those who register for the Plus version will have access to features such as at least 200MB of Cloud Storage, a high-resolution scan, no ads, and no watermarks, among others. “Basic” is the account status.

Is CamScanner free for students?

Students and educators may use the CamScanner app to authenticate their educational identification and get a free upgrade to premium access, which includes 10GB of cloud storage, an ad-free experience, no watermark on scans, the ID scan tool, the ability to convert photos to Excel, and more.

How do I remove the tap scanner watermark?

How can I get rid of the CamScanner watermark? The CamScanner watermark will appear in grey in the right bottom corner of your document when it has been opened. Right-click the CamScanner watermark and choose EDIT FOOTER from the drop-down menu. Then, using back space, erase the watermark text and resave the file. in

How do I remove a watermark from a PDF on my phone?

Step 1: In Acrobat, open the file and choose Edit PDF from the right-hand panel. Step 2: Select Remove from the Watermark drop-down menu. 3: When the pop-up warning appears, confirm.

Does CamScanner cost money?

This free programme lets you scan, combine, and access online storage services like as iCloud and Google Drive.

Is CamScanner Pro worth it?

CamScanner Pro is, in general, one of the greatest document scanning and sharing applications on the App Store. The software allows you to share your ID cards, business cards, papers, and QR codes. The programme improves the photographs so that anybody can read them.

How do I register CamScanner?

You may create a new CamScanner account with a new email/phone number, then log in to and utilise the “data transfer” feature.

How can I edit a PDF without Adobe?

If you need a free PDF editor, PDF Candy is your best option. It has several capabilities that you’d expect to pay for, such as superb text scanning and a variety of file-conversion options. For a free service, PDF escape comes in second to PDF Candy, with excellent annotation, form-creation, and editing options.


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