Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022

Everyone is familiar with Changan motors’ reputation and performance, so now the Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022 will be released, as well as the Changan motors’ launch date, which will be announced this month, allowing interested parties to place pre-orders.

This company has been operating in Pakistan for many years, despite the fact that it is situated in China and produces goods for all over the world. Changan Motors is China’s fourth largest corporation, employing more than 80 thousand people in the development of new vehicle models.

All of the versions that have been introduced by this company are now Alsvin V3, V5, and V7, whereas the Alsvin 5 is the updated model of the Alsvin V3.

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022

Changan Alsvin prin Pakistan has officially revealed the pricing, and interested customers can check it out on this link. Now, Changan firm is going to release the first generation of Alsvin with the lowest price in comparison to other vehicles because if you look at the prices of Honda and Toyota, this is offering a new car at a low cost with many specifications that are not accessible from other companies. This vehicle’s current pricing is PKR 23 lakh, and it will be available in Pakistan’s car market soon.

Variant NameEngine CcPrice
Changan Alsvin 1.3L MT Comfort1370CcPKR 2,489,000
Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT Comfort1480CcPKR 2,744,000
Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere1480CcPKR 2,939,000

Changan Alsvin Interior and Exterior Design

Before buying, everyone wants to see the interior since when you buy a high-end vehicle, you anticipate a luxurious interior and dashboard. As a result of customer demand, Changan Alsvin’s beautiful room with several features is described below the table, and people may see the Changan Alsvin Interior in the photo.

  • Fully Functional Steering
  • Cruise Control
  • Mapping System
  • High Base SPeaker
  • Power Window
  • Air Bag

Changan Alsvin Booking Date in Pakistan:

People who are interested in the Changan Alsvin may now book the automobile because it is now available in Pakistan and people can easily buy it, but they are limited because they are importing from China. This company will set up shop in Pakistan and construct an automobile on Pakistani soil in a matter of days.


Changan Alsvin Booking Online

Many dealers book the cars, but they make a lot of money, but now people can reserve a car online through Changan Alsvin’s official page. When you first open the page, you will be asked to provide all of the information that the company requires. After you’ve filled out all of the information, click the submit button, and your vehicle will be reserved.

Changan Alsvin Car Colours

Changan Alsvin is an automobile colour, however so far only red and blue have been seen on the road. Furthermore, when you book a car, showroom employees provide consumers with maximum flexibility, allowing them to choose the colour.

  • White
  • Silver
  • Black

Changan Alsvin Specifications

All of the Changan Alsvin’s specifications are listed below the table for consumers to read before purchasing.

Engine type – Number of cylindersInline 4
Fuel typePetrol
Fuel SystemEFI
LubricationWet sump
Eng ine Alignment
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity1499 cm3
Bore x Stroke75.00 x 84.80 mm
2.95 x 3.31 inches
Number of valves16 Valves
Transmission Gearbox – Number of speeds4 Speed Automatic

All information regarding the Changan Alsvin motors is described in great depth for the benefit of the public. People, on the other hand, are using a collection of different car types to have a comfortable drive. As a result, they have launched the Changan Alsvin automobile to compete with the Toyota Yaris and Honda Motors. However, when compared to competitors’ cars, we can state that this is more beautiful. You may also collect information about Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022 Launch Date and wait a few days.

Changan Overview

Changan Automobiles is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles. With millions of cars sold each year in China, the firm is a best-selling brand. With three vehicles: Changan Karvaan, Changan M8, and Changan M9, the carmaker joined the Pakistani auto market in 2018 in conjunction with Master Motors Limited. Changan has only been in the Pakistani auto industry for a short time, but the company has quickly established itself in the local minivan and pickup car segments. Changan Pakistan has now launched the Changan Alsvin, an entry-level sedan that costs less than a JDM (Japanese Domestic Models). Changan Alsvin is a rising star in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

History of Changan

Changan takes pride in being a pioneer in the Chinese automobile industry. It is a leading manufacturer of passenger cars, commercial vans, and small trucks in its home country. Master Motors was granted Greenfield status under Pakistan’s first auto policy in 2018, and Changan was introduced to the Pakistani auto market. Master Motors developed an assembly factory in Karachi with a $100 million investment, as per auto policy. In May of this year, Master Motors released the first Changan automobile built locally. Changan Pakistan then launched two commercial pickups, the M8 and M9, to its portfolio. The Changan Alsvin, the company’s first car for Pakistan, was teased in 2020.

Changan Karavan

In Pakistan, the Kavaan was the first Changan vehicle. It’s a mid-size family van with Changan’s characteristic stylish design. With a 1.0-litre C10 engine that produces 68 horsepower and 92 Nm of torque, with a 5-speed manual transmission. A chrome grill, rear taillights, fog lamps, electric power steering, power windows, and other features are included in the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MVP). Karvaan comes in two models in Pakistan: Changan Karvaan Base Model 1.0 and Karvaan Plus.


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