Jazz Important Codes


Mobilink Jazz as the big network of Pakistan and Warid telecom another network which was merge with Jazz some year ago. Jazz (Warid) offered huge number of Call, Internet and SMS Packages and each package has its own code. Due to large number of bundles, it has much difficult to remember subscribe and un-subscribe code.

Jazz SIM Codes that need to know everyone

At this page, you will see Jazz Advance Balance Code, Jazz Card Recharge Code, Free Facebook Check Code, Jazz Helpline Code, Jazz Minutes Check Code, Jazz Mobile Number Network Check, Jazz Internet MBs Check, Jazz Internet Package Code, Internet Setting Code, Jazz New Sim Offer Code, Jazz Package Information Sim Number, Jazz Sim Lagao Offer Code, Jazz Sim Number Check Code, Sim Registration Information, Jazz SMS Check & Jazz Sim Verification Code.

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Jazz Advance Balance Code

To get Advance balance Dial *112# or Dial 123 and press 6

Jazz Card Recharge Code

To recharge your Jazz Card Dial *123*code#

Free Facebook Check Code

To check free facebook Dial *114*5#

Jazz Helpline Code

To get customer support of Jazz Dial the code 111


Jazz Minutes Check Code

To check Jazz minutes Dial *110# ya *116#

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Jazz Mobile Number Network Check

To check Jazz mobile number network send N 03******** to 76367 and Its Charges is Rs. 2.00+t

Jazz Internet MBs Check

To check Jazz internet MBs Dial *114*1*2#

Jazz Internet Package Code

To subscribe Jazz Internet Packages Dial *443#

Internet Setting Code

Send ”INTERNET” to 7342

Jazz New Sim Offer Code

To subscribe Jazz New Sim Offer Dial *999# or *191#

Jazz Package Information Sim Number

Send empty sms to 3838

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Jazz Sim Lagao Offer Code

To Activate Jazz Sim Lagao Offer Dial *551#

Jazz Sim Number Check Code

To check Jazz Sim Number Dial *99#

Sim Registration Information

To get Sim registration information Send your CNIC Number to 668. This is free of cost.

Jazz SMS Check Code

To check Jazz remaining SMS Dial *101*2#

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Jazz Sim Verification Code

To verify Jazz Sim Send your CNIC to 6001

Jazz, formerly known as ‘Mobilink‘, is one of Pakistan’s main networks. It was introduced in 1994 and, in 1999, became the voice of Pakistan. It was initially founded under the name Mobilink (PMCL) and the people of Pakistan were urged by its fascinating services to follow the Mobilink way of life. Another wide network of Pakistan, called ‘Warid,’ was acquired in 2015. These two services serve 37 percent of the overall market share for millions of subscribers in Pakistan.


Since we all talked about Jazz, we just have to tell you why you should move to the Jazz network. While 59 million customers have enough reasons to prove how good the service is, we are here to help you a little more. Even if there are plenty. Jazz has made the service practicable and affordable over the years and is still premium.


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