Following the Trends in Trainers of 2022 and Buy Original


Buying sneakers online in 2022 may seem like a good idea, but being extra cautious is the best option; counterfeiters have successfully exploited the fact that more people are shopping online than ever before.

Following the Trends in Trainers of 2022 and Buy Original

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Short description of 5 unusual trainers of 2022

Every year, new models are released, and firms seek to create something unique; nevertheless, some of these designs are so bizarre that they become the main reason for their popularity.

You already know how easily popular items can be faked, so now we’ll go over what to look for in a range of unusual-looking sneakers. These models are notoriously difficult to find online, so if the website you found is selling them in big quantities, you should consider it a major red flag and look into the source.

1. X-Pander Balenciaga

With its spectacular, never-before-seen designs, Balenciaga, a Spanish fashion business founded in 1917, has always been a pioneer. The firm’s strange shapes for women’s apparel included semi-fit lines, sack dresses, and ballroom hems.

X-Pander Balenciaga

The upper half of the Balenciaga X-Pander sneakers does not scream Balenciaga, but the sole shines brightly and attracts all of the attention. It’s a red flag if you notice the sole unit of the sneaker is a little lower.

Another thing to look out for is the stitching; original X-Pander sneakers have exact, flawless sewing, whereas counterfeit may have sloppy, loose stitches, so look for these differences.


2. Balskee Isabel Maran

Isabel Marant opened her first boutique in Paris about 20 years ago, and she currently has 13 locations around the world, from Los Angeles to Beirut, at the age of 54.

2. Balskee Isabel Maran

Suede and leather combine in the Balskee Isabel Marant sneakers. Which are exceedingly tough to imitate, particularly when counterfeiters strive to save money by utilising low-cost materials. If the pair appears to have a rough surface with a different texture, it’s most likely fake. The sole, which should be hefty and wide, should also be considered. However, it should not be overly wide or too thin.

“Being a woman designer isn’t about fantasy for me; it’s about dressing ladies appropriately with an energy that reflects the current,” she says. Isabel Marant is a fashion designer.

3. Zoom MMW4 Nike

In 1964, an American track and field coach named Bill Bowerman founded Nike as Blue Ribbon Sports. The first Nike retail store opened in 1966, while the first Nike shoe was released in 1972. The statement that Nike’s remarkable achievements revolutionised the athletic shoe industry is not an exaggeration.

Zoom MMW4 Nike

The soles of Nike Zoom MMW4 sneakers are unlike any other, making it practically impossible to wear a counterfeit copy constructed of low-quality materials. Because the sole is not as high, it will be less pleasant to wear.

The net-like surface on top of the sneaker is another element to look for. On a false pair, this could be excessively huge or little. Overall, counterfeiters have a harder job recreating every area correctly when the model has a lot of subtleties.

4. McDonald’s x BTS x Nike Air Max Plus TN

Some may find the existence of McDonald’s x BTS x Nike Air Max Plus TN sneakers unusual. However, given how swiftly South Korean pop culture has grown, it makes sense. BTS, a Korean boy band, has collaborated with McDonald’s to create a special Chicken McNugget Meal for fans.

McDonald’s x BTS x Nike Air Max Plus TN

In the same way, the footwear has been designed. Because the sneakers are custom-made, getting your hands on them is nearly impossible, even more so than getting front-row seats to a BTS concert. So, if you see a pair for sale on the internet, be sure that every aspect matches the official photographs.


5. Screener Gucci

Gucci is one of the oldest Italian fashion houses still in business, having been founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Despite the fact that it originated as a luggage manufacturer.

The clothing and accessories of the company are worn by celebrities and politicians alike. Gucci has a knack for creating unique styles that can be worn in a range of settings, from casual to formal.

Screener Gucci

Gucci uses the highest-quality materials and gives its employees a fair wage, which is why it is so pricey. Don’t forget about Gucci’s sophisticated marketing strategy and long history, both of which have contributed to the brand’s success over the years.

The Gucci Screener leather shoes feature a less unusual appearance than the other models in the guide. The most crucial thing to look for is authentic, high-quality leather, which Gucci uses exclusively.

Counterfeiters use inferior materials that are visible to the human eye and will show signs of “durability” after only a short period of regular use.

Another item to keep an eye out for is the Gucci strap; check sure the colours and dimensions are consistent.

Keep in mind that all counterfeit goods are made by different companies, so the duplicate pairs you can find online will vary greatly.


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