Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version (Updated)

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version (Updated)

WhatsApp APK Fouad has become one of the most widely used chat apps. In 2017, it was projected that the app had over 1.5 billion monthly active users. Other people have created a variety of mods and programmes as a result of this notoriety. APK The creators of these APKs typically include extra features that aren’t available in the official app for others to enjoy. FMWhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp APK is one of many mods available for WhatsApp. Did you aware that you may find more mods on GbPlus.Org before telling me about it?

About Fouad WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp for Android (APK) Fouad has quickly become one of the most popular chat apps. The app was estimated to have over 1.5 billion monthly active users in 2017. As a result of this recognition, others have produced a range of tweaks and programmes. APK For others to enjoy, the makers of these APKs usually incorporate extra features that aren’t available in the official software. FMWhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp APK is one of the many WhatsApp modifications available. Before notifying me about it, were you aware that you might find more mods on GbPlus.Org?

NameFouad WhatsApp APK
Size46 MB
Update1 Day Ago
Required8.0 +

Fouad WhatsApp APK Features

Below is a list of features that you can get after successfully installing Fouad WhatsApp APK on your device. We recommend that you visit everything on the list so you can see for yourself. You may be surprised at the many things Fouad can do on WhatsApp:

  • Set wallpapers on the home screen
  • Ability to place an image next to bubbles
  • The image on external/internal calls
  • The image within/within the group
  • Preview before applying the input style
  • Color Underline tab selected
  • Line color between calls on the main screen
  • Date message color on the home screen
  • Date color on the main screen
  • Name the color on the home screen
  • Document text color on the chat screen
  • Name the color on the chat screen
  • Color button for playing voice memos
  • Bar for playing voice memos
  • Forward color icon
  • Forward the color back
  • Color of Participants
  • Call blockers
  • White navigation bar for Android version 8.0 +
  • YoThemes store design
  • Save Themes automatically creates a ZIP file
  • Translated from Brazilian to Portuguese
  • Duplicate new conversation
  • The nickname is not colored in the group photos
  • The text size of the messages does not apply in Arabic
  • Prevent WhatsApp from blocking with a YoWidget trick
  • Version 8.0+ does not show color options
  • Yowidget is not displayed correctly in Arabic
  • The photos you see in the white status bar have been cropped
  • Delete messages against
  • Disable forward labeling
  • Hidden media gallery
  • Theme is not appropriate for upload
  • WhatsApp is the wrong size on some phones
  • FAB will move right to RTL

Final Verdict

Even if an app works perfectly, it might become tedious if it takes too long to load. It’s not a problem if you want to use a mod for your programme. So long as you’re aware of the risks associated with blocking WhatsApp.

What kind of fashion experience do you have? Have you tried Fouad WhatsApp or FMWhatsApp? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Are you willing to risk your appearance in order to enjoy your texting experience? Now you may get the APK. In the space below, tell me what you think of your new app.

Fouad WhatsApp Download:

It’s a modified version of the default WhatsApp messenger that offers a slew of advanced features including privacy and security, customization, app lock, and more. Despite the emergence of other fantastic WhatsApp Mods, Fouad WhatsApp has maintained its position among the Best WhatsApp MODS. Its creator regularly releases new versions with a variety of fresh and exciting features and updates.


Currently, the functions and interface of this programme are identical to that of the most popular WhatsApp Mod, GBWhatsApp. Meanwhile, you’ll get the same features and benefits whether you use the popular GBWhatsApp or the Fouad WhatsApp. The only thing that differs is the package name and user interface.

So, today, I’ll provide you a direct link to download Fouad WhatsApp and show you how to get started with it right now. Are you looking forward to it? Let’s get started!

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is yet another WhatsApp Mod created by the FouadMODS team. Its user interface is quite similar to the stock WhatsApp Messenger, and you won’t notice it until you see the Fouad Mods logo and its own settings. New improvements and bug fixes have been added in the latest Fouad WhatsApp v9.21, according to its current changelog. It has also officially stopped supporting Android KitKat.

Its most recent version is no longer compatible with KitKat; only Android versions 5.0 and higher are supported. The current Fouad WhatsApp has a lot of customization, privacy, security, and MOD options, among other things. You may also use Fouad WhatsApp to exchange large files, alter the main app icon, upload high-resolution videos or photographs, send a message to 250 people at once, and so on.

Furthermore, unlike other WhatsApp MODS, Fouad WhatsApp is quite secure to use, and its creator has included support options in case you require assistance. Its file size is also notable since, although containing a plethora of MOD features, it is only 52Mb in size. Despite the fact that it no longer supports Android’s older versions,

In Android Lollipop and higher, it still works fairly well.

Overall, Fouad WhatsApp is a great WhatsApp MOD and a very stable messaging programme. If you’re looking for a new WhatsApp Mod, I suggest you give this one a try. Its simplicity and great privacy features will satisfy you.

Download Fouad WhatsApp v9.21 Latest for Android 2022

Fouad WhatsApp is a popular programme that is extremely easy to use; its performance is significantly superior to that of other WhatsApp Mods. And I’ll give you a URL to download Fouad WhatsApp v9.21, which you can use to download Fouad WhatsApp directly. I manually tried it on my own phone before uploading it and then began writing this blog. Meanwhile, I can certify that this WhatsApp Mod is genuine and offers the finest user experience as well as cutting-edge MOD functionality.

I’ve given the fundamental file details for Fouad WhatsApp below; I recommend reading it once, but these facts assist check the file, and you may avoid downloading any incorrect files by using them.

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest v9.21 on Android

As you may be aware, Fouad WhatsApp is a MOD programme, which means it differs from standard apps. If you try to download it on your phone normally, it may be denied by Play Protect, a Google Play Android security mechanism. Furthermore, if you have a security programme installed on your phone, it may prevent Fouad WhatsApp from being downloaded. Because most security programmes or features nowadays can readily detect changes in apps, this happens. And they instantly block any threat they come across.


So, in this article, I’ll show you how to safely download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp on any Android device. You can easily get Fouad WhatsApp on your phone if you carefully follow the procedures.

Security Features

WhatsApp Lock is a top-notch security feature of Fouad WhatsApp that you must utilise to keep your WhatsApp conversation safe from prying eyes. It adds a password lock that must be entered before Fouad WhatsApp may be opened. It’s also known as the initial screen lock. It has a lot of customization options, including the ability to establish the password as a pattern or a PIN. You can also set a Recovery Question that will assist you if you forget your password. You can also disable Pattern vibration and make Pattern invisible.
Although Fouad WhatsApp just has a lock security function, it is quite powerful and beneficial to all users. I also strongly advise you to use it to protect your chats and other sensitive data.


  • Download YoThemes – Fouad WhatsApp has an in-built theme store where you can get free customizable themes to download and install online. There are currently over 50 themes available in the store, and the greatest part is that they are all free to use.
  • Load Themes — If you already have a WhatsApp theme in (.xml) format, you may use this option to upload and install it on your Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Save YoTheme – This option allows you to save your current theme customizations and settings to your phone’s storage, which you can restore if something goes wrong in the future.
  • YoTheme Restore — This feature allows you to load YoTheme from your phone’s storage.
  • Reset Preferences – If you want to revert to the default theme settings, click this button.

In Android Lollipop and higher, it still works quite well.

  • Fouad WhatsApp is a superb WhatsApp MOD and a very stable messaging software. This is a great WhatsApp Mod to try if you’re seeking for something fresh. Its ease of use and excellent privacy features will satisfy you.

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