Global Technology Company Vivo announced that it is investing US$ 10 million in its first production base in Pakistan


vivo is presently one of Pakistan’s major brands; the manufacture of about 5 Lac mobile phones per month is projected to be localized

Vivo, the global technology business, today announced that at its first production plant in the Faisalabad Industrial Estate in Pakistan it has begun to produce an extensive catalog of products locally.

The sixth intelligent production base for Vivo is one of the world’s leading brands and extends its presence throughout the world in line with the ‘More Local, More Global’ philosophy.

A USD 10 million was committed by VIVO to consolidate its footprint in Pakistan by building a domestic manufacturing facility in keeping with the program “Made in Pakistan,” which will support developing the local economy and empowering local workers.

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Today, Pakistan’s local mobile phone demand is 3.3 million monthly. The new plant spreads over 4 acres and has 500,000 smartphone devices per month in production capability.

From 2014 forward Vivo has adhered to and built its global R&D and manufacturing network on a “More locally, more globally” philosophy.

Besides Pakistan’s recently inaugurated production center, Vivo also has five of these sites, producing hundreds of millions of cutting-edge devices every year, in Dongguan, Chongqing, India (Greater Noida), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Indonesia (Tangerang).

This continual increase in the production capacity has become crucial for maintaining the global supply and meeting international user requirements of Vivo goods.

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“Pakistan is increasingly becoming a favorite place for local production hubs. It is not only our aim to better the lives of consumers with quality, homegrown innovations that will be the decision to establish this local manufacturing plant in Pakistan.


It is also to give local workers additional chances. Vivo believes in the Philosophy of Benfen to push us to build social technology,” stated Eric Kong, CEO, Vivo Pakistan.

The plant is already functional in Faisalabad with 8 assembly lines. Since 1 February 2021, the first lot has been created by the ‘Made-in-Pakistan’ mobile phone.

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