Great News For Gamers

Great News For Gamers

PTCL is the country’s major provider of broadband services. In Pakistan, the bulk of Internet users rely on PTCL for fast-speed internet services. Whilst the company’s internet already provides services for companies and residential industries, the corporation is now ready to serve its gamers. PTCL Fast Path is a new feature, helping to lower the latency needed for a lag-free internet experience. Simply said, players won’t have to moan anymore about the slow Internet speed.

PTCL Fast Path Review

You can easily subscribe to your PTCL online account by selecting ‘Change latency type’ in the left-hand corner of your account if you are a PTCL client and want to opt for ‘Fast Path.’


Note: The feature is activated within 24 hours after it has been toggled (subject to line quality).

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How To Switch On PTCL Fast Path?

  • Visit
  • Login via your account registered. (If you do not have an account, you must register and add PTCL products, e.g., fixed-line, internet, etc.) your registered account.
  • Please select ‘Change latency type’ under ‘My account services’ on the left.
  • Select ‘Change latency’ from the next box and then select ‘Fast’ from the down menu. Select Confirm if you want to proceed, read the disclaimer.
  • The service is enabled in 24 hours.

You can follow the same approach to switch from fast mode if you have stability difficulties with your internet performance. If you wish to switch to standard internet speed.


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