How to Stop Random Users From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups

How to Stop Random Users From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups

The WhatsApp messaging platform is one of the greatest apps for people’s connection. Originally utilized for talking, we had an audio and video calling feature that helped us feel near to the kilometers between friends and family. Although these are indeed fantastic characteristics, the WhatsApp groups are also disguised as a blessing.

We are now additionally linked to our colleagues through the WhatsApp group for sharing or markings, etc, so their relevance goes on. But sometimes people take advantage of these advantages by adding too many users to groups to promote their own products.

How often have you been added to the group by someone you don’t even know about? I’m sure the answer will be many times and, since I have also gone through this, I understand the rage involved with it.

Since we all hate to be in useless groupings but also consider it hard to quit, there’s a conflict between what you don’t like and what you don’t want. There is therefore a way out to keep you safe from this, a filter that prevents unknown people from adding you to groups.


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Are you upset by somebody adding you to undesirable groups?

There is a setting that allows you to prevent random people from adding you to WhatsApp groups while many people do not know. To do that you have to go to the privacy section of your WhatsApp account and select a configuration that allows you to customize who can add you to a group and, by default, the setting is set to ‘everyone.’

It is worth noting that, even if you select this setting, administrators could privately send you links and ask that you join groups. But such messages may be ignored.

How to stop unknown persons from adding themselves on WhatsApp
You need to follow the steps below so that unknown people do not add you to WhatsApp groups:

  • Open WhatsApp, right on top of the screen, click on three points.
  • Type Account and click the Settings option.
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  • Tap Groups and click Privacy.
  • You would see a standard configuration which is probably set to ‘Everyone.’
  • You’re going to see three choices—’Everyone,’ ‘My Contacts,’ and’ Except for my contacts.’

Although the names of these options convey a great deal, people with confusing choices may choose ‘Everyone’ if they wish to let everyone with WhatsApp add them to groups. The “My Contact” option allows these users to add you to the group whose contact numbers are preserved.

The fourth one is “My Contacts Except” which allows you to select precisely who is able to add you to groups by allowing you to filter and select the contacts that you do not want to be added to a group.


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