Jazz Caller Tunes Code

Jazz Caller Tunes Code

Jazz Caller Tunes & How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

  • Jazz Ringtones Subscribe or Activate dial the code 230 or send sms ‘sub’ to 230
  • Jazz Ringtones Unsubscribe/ Deactivate dial the Code 230 or send sms ‘unsub’ to 230
  • Validity: Day
  • Charges of Jazz ringtones is Rs.2.01/ Day
  • IVR Charges are Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)
  • IVR Charges are Rs. 2.84/Min (By dialing 230)
  • SMS Charges (to Content Download) 7.99 + tax
  • To Block Jazz ringtones dial the code *2302*1#
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  • To Unblock Jazz ringtones dial the code *2302*2#
  • Random RBT Subscription Send Sub to 6007
  • Random RBT Unsubscription Send Unsub to 6007

Terms & Conditions

  • This service is for customers, postpaid and prepaid.
  • If you activate simultaneously to both Mobitunes & Apni Dhun, you will be paid separately for the subscription.
  • The Apni Dhun content library is similar to that of Mobitunes.
  • The Apni Dhun role is not available to customers of Warid.


Q. How can I deactivate my Jazz offer?

A. View a list of all Jazz offers including call, internet, and sms. All codes of deactivation are given. You can also dial the code like as “*subscription-code*4#” to deactivate any jazz offer. For example, if activation code *211#, then the deactivation code is *211*4#.


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