Jazz Condemns Sealing of its Office by FBR


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Jazz opposed the Federal Revenue Board (FBR)’s freezing on Rs 25 billion in taxation of both the Federal Headquarters of F-8 Islamabad.

The Jazz Spokesman claimed in a claim made on Thursday that Pakistan’s 4 G provider number one as well as the largest and leading and broadband internet provider are the largest taxpayers, with investments including over US$ 9.5 billion, as well as the biggest international buyers in the last 25 years.

Mobilink Jazz

According to Jazz Spokesman “We got yesterday an FBR notice to recover a contested claim on tax, because we have grave doubts about all of these supposed taxes. The proceedings took place on the plea of a notice of tax recovery for a contested 2018 sum which would be subject to the same laws. Leading to a drastic acts, Jazz’s international investors and others have been hurt by our prestige and pride and knock their faith. Even though we are the biggest contributors, we are unfortunately. Although the government is striving to enhance the state’s business climate, such drastic steps will unfortunately seriously impact investment prospects.”


The Speaker said Jazz will always be a legislative citizen and a leader in the Pakistan economy in terms of monetary and growth as well as being a market leader in broadband internet services with over 63 million customers.


Just in the last 6 months, Mobilink (Jazz) has accrued more than Rs 251 billion as duties and taxes to the national exchequer.

Jazz tries to address the problem that is always happy to participate in discussion and legal process to obtain the correct meaning and value.
The speaker said Jazz ensures that, amid the difficulties, Jazz still provides its valued clients with continuous service.


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