Weekly Super Max Offer

Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer

Jazz has been offering users an exciting kit for an entire week. The jazz weekly super max offer comes with 30 GB of storage, 6000 Jazz mins and SMS and 60 other network minutes, free of charge for Rs. 299.

Complete Detail of Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer

PriceRS. 337 Incl. Tax, Rs. 345 Require
On-net Minutes6000 minutes
Off-net Minutes100 minutes
Internet30GB Data: 10GBs +10GBs (2AM-2PM) + 10GBs Youtube
Duration7 Days
To SubscribeDial *506#
To Check StatusDial *506*2#
To InfoDial *506*3#
To Un-SubscribeDial *506*4#


This is incredibly cost-effective and you can enjoy a week with friends and the Internet with the fastest possible data. In most cases, it launches separate data, voice and SMS packages, and is therefore one of the best packages I’ve ever encountered. The best thing about weekly packages, unlike monthly packages, is that, instead of going to monthly packets for a few days, you can trigger them whenever you want them.


Terms & Conditions

  • When the customer dials *506#, he or she will subscribe for 7 calendar days to the Weekly Super Max Deal.
  • This package is unrecursive and consumers must dial *506# more than once to use the bundle.
  • All free jazz & other network minutes/SMS/data will be posted when you register, expiring 23:59 a.m. on the seventh day of the year.
  • Free Jazz and SMS are available 24 hours a day for free network minutes (no time limit).
  • There will be a total of thirty GB of data uploaded, 10 GB of which can be used on YouTube only between 2:30 pm and ten GB.
  • For 24 hours, the remaining 10 GB reward will be used.
  • In the 2G/3G/4G network zones, data benefits can be consumed.
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  • Current Internet speeds will rely on multiple factors including sim, computer, accessed web pages, daytime, number of concurrent users, distance from 2G/3G/4G website and so on.
  • The Rs.2/MB average rate applies to all smartphone packages.
  • The fees for Call Setup for this bundle shall not apply. In order to make calls via the group, a balance of Rs.0.15 must be kept.
  • You will be paid if you are not subscribing to any Package Base Rate. MB/Rs.5. The pulse will be charged at 512 KB.
  • Further terms and conditions can be read from Click here.

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