Mini militia old version Mod apk

Mini militia old version Mod apk

We’re back with yet another excellent game for gaming fans. Today, we’ll tell you all about the game, which includes action, adventure, fights, shooting, multiplayer mode, single-player mode, and much more. Mini Militia, the original version, is an entertaining game. The combat is won by the player who survives the most battles.

Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2 or Mini Militia is one of the most amazing and addictive games ever created. It’s a two-dimensional game with distinct designs and styles. 2D video games are ones in which the action takes place on a two-dimensional plane.

2D video games employ side-scrolling, which includes a side view camera effect, as well as vertical-scrolling, which gives the impression that the player is moving around the game. This game offers a lot of cool features. The graphics are fantastic.

The game features several modes and various settings for the user to choose from depending on their preferences. The term “militia” refers to a group of military personnel that primarily assist the nation in times of need. The military requires them on a regular basis in normal conditions. In this game, the term “micro militia” refers to minor troops engaged in warfare.

Why Old Version?

The players will have a lot of fun with the older edition of the game. Earn rewards, level up your weapons, upgrade them, and fight for your life. The game is won by the player who lasts the longest. For new players, the game’s beginning is a little challenging. It’s difficult to control the player at first because the rocket beneath his feet allows him to fly up and down.

You must use weaponry to shoot down your opponents. Take on a new incarnation. Make a new appearance. Have a good time and enjoy the game. Play with your friends in multiplayer mode. Kill your opponents. Play games with your pals.

Most notably, the previous version of Mini Militia supports Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This implies that you can play this ancient version even on a shoestring budget.

How to play mini militia old version?

Online play

You can play the game both offline and online. Consider the online option, in which you must first install the game, then click the practise button, select your play mode, then hit the host button to create a room where you may invite your friends to play. When you play the game with your pals, it becomes even more enjoyable. It takes a lot of practise for a man to become perfect.

Prepare yourself for combat by training. The ancient version of Mini Militia has a training mode where the player can improve his play and combat skills. Using your talents, defeat everyone and win the race. The outdated edition of Mini Militia is now a smart and engaging game thanks to the training mode option.

Offline play

You can, without a doubt, play this game offline. Simply download the game and play it alone. If you’re a beginner, start by using the ‘practise option.’ Prepare for conflict in which you will be able to explore nearly 20 maps. Once you’ve gained the ability to battle, go for it and defeat your opponents.


App specifications

Mini militia’s previous version is 4.0.11, which is nearly 39.49 MB in size. It has been downloaded over 1000,000,000 times. The game was published on Android on March 13, 2015, and on iOS in 2011. On May 19, 2020, the game was last updated. It has a good reputation.

How to download?

The Google Play Store offers a free download of this 2D cartoon game. On Android devices, download and play the game. Simply install the game on your iOS smartphone and begin playing. It’s also free to set up here. Now you can play the game solo or with others in multiplayer mode. Experiment with different modes and have fun with them.

Mini militia GOD Mod apk and Mini militia Unlimited Everything Mod apk are likewise in high demand!


The gameplay is completely instinctive and contains the following features:

  • Hiding
  • Jumping
  • Shooting
  • Combat

Everything you’d expect from a war game, including killing.

The game contains several levels, each of which is quite large in its own right; you have plenty of room to move around, escape, and hide from your enemies. There are also various bombs and weapons to collect and use in each level!

Mini Militia Mod APK gives you a simple task to do. To win the combat, you must eliminate all of your opponents. To safeguard the world, you must stop your opponents from carrying out their nefarious intentions. Join together with other players to defeat the foes as a group. Combine your efforts with your teammates to improve your chances of winning.

The virtual pointing stick is located on the right side of the screen, while the character movement stick is located on the left. When you point your weapon directly at the target, it will automatically fire. So all you have to worry about now is aiming.

This game is a lot of fun because it allows users to form groups and play in a 6v6 multi-player mode with their pals.

Game Modes

There are three different game mode i.e.:


It is available in both solo and multiplayer modes. The maximum number of players in training mode over a Wi-Fi connection is 16.


Survival mode is played in single player or solo mode.


Up to 8 people can collaborate online in the most intense level.

Weapons and Characters

You can fight with a variety of weapons that you can upgrade to make them more powerful. These are some of them:

  • Sniper rifles
  • Flamethrowers
  • Machine guns and more

Similarly, different outfits can help you strengthen your character. With the Mod APK version, you can gain infinite weapons and clothes. For these updates, download the mini militia mod APK to get limitless health and ammo.


The game’s aesthetics are vintage and classic. You can get the impression that the game is arranged in an innovative way, rotating around various aspects of the conflict, such as officers, weaponry, explosives, and so on. The traps and effects are well-designed.



Mini Militia has rudimentary controls. At first, controlling the character is much different than you may think. The game offers dual control instruments, which means you may control all of the characters except the enemies.

The character’s mobility is a little slow. Don’t worry; after a few games, you’ll become acclimated to this pace.

Mini Militia Hack Tips

These basic Mini Militia hints can help you play the game better and longer. For a more simple and easy game, use Mini Militia hacks in the Mini Militia Mod version. To battle for a long time, use some of these small militia hacks.

  • Attack by kneeling down
  • Zoom for better views
  • Use the bushes to hide
  • Improve your health and fight hard
  • Use different weapons to fight
  • Use bombs for instant attacks
  • Load your weapons before a new battle

Mini Militia Mod APK Hack Features

Unlimited Jetpack – You will receive a large number of boosters to help you fly higher.

Combat Points – Each battle awards you points that you can use to obtain whatever you choose.

All weapons can zoom up to seven times with Magic Zoom 7x.

Invisible Mode – You can use this function to become invisible and hide from attacks.

Gravity – Fly through the air without being tethered to the ground.

Health Unlimited – Throughout the game, you will be active and energised.

Power steering wheel with unlimited movement – This allows you to fly around and move in whatever direction you wish.

You can also fly over walls and other obstacles using the Mini Militia Wall Hack.

High-velocity bullets and high-quality weaponry — Kill all your foes with high-velocity bullets and high-quality weapons.

Weapons Unlocked — In the MOD hack version, all weapons are unlocked. You can get unlimited ammo and various weapons.

Your avatar will move as quickly as possible using the Ultra Speed Mod. Choose from three different speed settings.

Capture Flags – Collect all of the flags to earn bonus points.

Support for both online and offline play — You can play the game both online and offline.

Bugs Fixed Mod – Play the game without any limitations or bugs. There is no latency or freezing.


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