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Jazz Postpaid Packages Call, Internet, SMS 2020 updated
Jazz Postpaid Packages List in 2021

You Need to Know about Jazz Postpaid Packages

Jazz postpaid packages provide to their customer on-net minutes, off-net minutes, internet data, and social data at cheap rates. J-300 provides 1000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 1GB internet + 500 MBs for WhatsApp and Facebook, and 150 SMS. Similarly, Jazz telecom provides some other call internet and sms postpaid packages like J-600, J-999, and J-1500.

Like jazz postpaid call packages & jazz internet packages, it provides monthly sms packages such as J SMS-1, J SMS-2, J SMS-3, Jazz 2000 Add-on, and detail of these packages given below with complete explanation. Moreover, jazz also offered the monthly jazz WhatsApp postpaid package and other internet postpaid packages at low prices. Let’s see that how to subscribe to these packages below:

Jazz Postpaid Call, Internet & SMS Packages

Offered DetailValidityPriceCTABill IncentiveCheck StatusHelpline
J 300 1000 On-net Minutes, 150 Off-net Minutes, 1 GB (500 MBs WhatsApp, Facebook), 150 SMS30 DaysRs. 350Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777
J 600 2000 On-net Minutes, 300 Off-net Minutes, 1 GBs, 300 SMS30Rs. 600Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777
J 999 Unlimited On-net Minutes, 500 Off-net Minutes, 2 GBs, 1000 SMS30Rs. 999 Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777
J 1500 Unlimited On-net Minutes, 500 Off-net Minutes, 7GBs + 1 GB Social, 7000 SMS30Rs. 1500Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777

Some Other Information

  • To Internet Bundle: Dial *443#
  • J300: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 1.5 GB/Month for 12 Months
  • J600: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 3 GB/Month for 12 Months
  • J999: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 6 GB/Month for 12 Months. Fair Usage Policy of 5000 minutes apply for this offer.
  • For J 1500: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 21 GB & 3 GB social/month for 12 Months. Fair Usage policy of 7000 Minutes apply for this offer. Rs. 1125 for 3 months due to line rent discount

Above these offers is for new sale postpaid customers only, which include New SIM Sale, Prepaid to Postpaid conversion and MNP

  • Call Rates: Rs.1.75 / min
  • SMS Rates: Rs.0.75 / SMS
  • F&F Rates: Rs.0.75 / min

Terms & Conditions

  • Pulse charge is 60 seconds
  • Offer is only open to individual clients
  • Just three jazz numbers refer to the F&F call rates
  • The Internet use default limit is Rs. 2 per MB. Pulse of charge: 512 KB
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  • Current customers can change organization closely by calling 777.
  • On both 3G and 4G Free Data MBs may be used.
  • Dial *443# for Free 4G internet services Free 4G
  • The national / international dialing protection deposit is Rs. 2,500
  • External roaming connectivity protection deposit is Rs . 5,000
  • Call *1111# for information and call *2222# for free minutes, SMS, and MBs.
  • Check the rest of your account details. It is a completely free facility.
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Text message SENDER NUMBER (SPACE) to 9000 -PTA will report undesirable and immoral (unreasonable) messages
  • Therefore, simultaneous opening / access to multiple applications and/or websites that lead to a booking of your entire available data volume in your package’s MBs and will begin paying at a base rate of your package. This means you must have those volumes of data available at your MBs against the opening / access to any application / websites on your computer.
  • All taxes are applicable.

Jazz Postpaid SMS Packages

Jazz postpaid offered 3 wonderful SMS packages designed to give our clients the perfect SMS solutions at the best price. All local mobile networks have SMS packages available for a whole month, 24 hours a day.

PackagesOffered DetailValidityPriceNatureActivation
J SMS – 1250 Local SMS, 250 MBs for WhatsApp30 DaysRs. 50Bolt OnJazz : *441*17# and Warid : *777# Menu
J SMS – 2750 Local SMS, 750 MBs for WhatsApp30 DaysRs. 90Bolt OnJazz : *441*18# and Warid : *777# Menu
J SMS – 3Unlimited (6000 FUP)30 DaysRs. 150Bolt OnJazz : *441*19# and Warid : *777# Menu
Jazz 2000 Add-onConventional 200030 DaysRs. 50Add OnJazz : *441*25# and Warid : *777# Menu

Terms & Conditions

  • Both networks are subject to packages, at any time of the month
  • Call 777 (Club members can register for the J SMS package by calling their respective CAMs) The J SMS package can be subscribed
  • Within 3 hours of subscription request, the package is enabled
  • Once the kit is signed up, it is available to customers automatically every month. Through calling 777, the shipments may be unsubscribed.
  • messages.

In the light of recent orders of the Supreme Court in Pakistan, sales tax and income tax in Pakistan w.e.f. 16 October 2018 is not collected. The amount of tax referred to in the bill is (if any) the sums paid before 15 October 2018.


Note: Premium text messages will not be included in a bundled text message

For 1 month starting from the billing date, the package SMS will be valid. If a subscription is subscribed, the packages will NOT be prioritized and the complete payments would apply along with the full-text message if it is unsubscribed in the middle of a month, (as of the bill date).

For eg, if you subscribe to the J SMS-1 package 15 days before the date of billing, you’ll charge full Rs.30 and 300 SMS for consumption by the date of billing.

Likewise, if the J SMS-1 packages are unsubscribed within 10 days of the date of payment, a maximum of Rs.30 charges apply.

Only one J SMS bundle at a time can be subscribed. The previous bundle expires immediately to change the J SMS bundle and complete charges for both bundles will apply during that month.
Texting 9000 – PTA messages for SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) can report undesirable and unsound.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

PackagesOffered DetailValidityPriceActivation
Monthly WhatsApp Package5 GB for WhatsApp30 DaysRs. 75 Dial *446#
Monthly Streamer Package2 GB Internet Data30 DaysRs. 250Dial *446#
Monthly Premium Package5 GB Internet Data30 DaysRs. 500Dial *446#
Monthly Supreme Package14 GB Internet Data30 DaysRs. 800Dial *446#
Monthly Super Package24 GB Internet Data30 DaysRs. 1,020Dial *446#
Monthly Ultimate Package50 GB Internet Data30 DaysRs. 1,870Dial *446#

Terms & Conditions

  • All offeres are automatically updated
  • Just Jazz Postpay Software Packages can be supplied with Above Internet Packs.
  • While consuming bundles and packages rewards, the data base rate Rs 2+Tax / MB will be applied
  • The data costs do not continue to Pay as you use (FUP is applicable) after the data use of Rs 2000.
  • Only a single data package can be subscribed at a time.
  • The new activated bundle would already be replaced by the subscribed bundle

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