Samsung Launches Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Launches Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung unveiled in Korea yesterday its AI-powered Bespoke Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The new vacuum features an enhanced ability to recognize objects and uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve house mapping and maneuvering based on currently available robotic cleaners.

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Design and Construction

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot is not a disk-like design, as opposed to other vacuum cleaners. It has a triangular base, including a LiDAR sensor and a 3D sensor type ‘Active Stereo Camera,’ which maps the area and recognizes various objects.

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The mounting station is smaller than with other aspirations of the robot. The vacuum cleaner comes in five colors: Misty White, Soft Sun Yellow, Satin Pink, Satin Blue.

Object Recognition

Samsung says that the Bespoke Jet Bot AI can identify objects at the highest level, with more than 1 million images being pre-learned based on deep learning. It can distinguish various household appliances and furnishings, including televisions, air conditioners, fridges, beds, sofas etc. The most interesting thing is that smaller items such as pet poops, socks, power wires and glass cups can be recognized as well.


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The cleaner comes with Intel AI is known for advanced object recognition known as Intel Movidius. It also includes a 3D sensor type “Active Stereo Camera,” which detects all obstacles from 1 cm and beyond. The Bespoke Jet Bot also comes with two cameras, which recognize space and objects in 3D, but also shoot other beams to detect and space sophisticate obstacles.

In addition, LiDAR sensors for self-driving automobiles are provided. The combination of LiDAR, dual cameras, Active Stereo, and AI solution allows the vacuum, based on space characteristics, to choose and operate an optimal route. It can also detect three-dimensional features within up to 1 m, and left and right up to 60 degrees.

Other features

The new Samsung robot cleaner has voice command support. You can even request minimal cleaning work with voice calls like “Stick to the TV.” Specifically. After the area is recognized, the vacuum automatically detects the floor type and cleanses it.


The Bespoke Jet Bot AI is very unique in its ability to function as a pet monitor too. Samsung has partnered with pet-centric company Ajinyangi and added 20 different songs for your pets which can be played alone. The vacuum is designed to detect and notify the user about abnormal signs or behaviors like poor barking or not moving.

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Pricing and Availability

Currently available for pre-order in Korea on a $1433 price tag Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Whether this vacuum robot will be available outside South Korea is not indicated.


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