How to save data and storage on WhatsApp?

How to save data and storage on WhatsApp

In recent years WhatsApp has become possibly the most significant messaging service, thus it is necessary to know how to decrease the use and storage of its data.

That’s even more important now that the COVID-19 epidemic is playing an integral position in professional and personal digital solutions and distant communication.

Read more to see how you may ensure that WhatsApp doesn’t use your valuable data or storage too much.

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Get the latest version

First, it pays to ensure you’re working with the newest version before making any adjustments or updates to an app.

For WhatsApp, you must use versions or This means that you have the following applications: (iOS).


Find the storage and data section

Tap the 3 vertical points in the top right corner of your WhatsApp homepage on your Android phone. Then go to the configurations.

You will discover in the configuration a section called “Save and Data”

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Use less data for calls

To utilize fewer call dates, this page has the option to start saving by switching to ‘useless calls for data.’

Reduce your storage usage

As data, the storage capacity of your phone might be a valuable resource, don’t waste it using WhatsApp if there is a simple way to free up space.


You can find settings to block your phone from auto-downloading WhatsApp media in the same storage and information sector as previously, which automatically stops your device from using data and then stores every file or image you are transmitting to download and preserve.

You can choose to save more space by backing up your chats and information to a computer.

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