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PTA SIM Information System: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is a government-run agency that maintains and helped organize the telecommunication system of the country.

It was back in the 2000s when cell phones began into becoming affordable and readily freely accessible. In the following years, Pakistan’s number of cellular subscribers increased significantly.

Online Check PTA Sim Information System, Registration & Verification

The PTA SIM Information Initiative was implemented in 2009 to keep a complete trail of increasing SIM subscribers. In 2009 it was created.

This system allows the common person and their mobile carriers to search their CNICs for the number of active SIMs. So, if you do not know the mechanism by which your identification card is monitored for the number of registered SIMs, we have protected you. This blog explores in depth the PTA SIM information management system and its associated services.

Check Online SIM Information System 668 - PTA

Let’s find out first about SIM cards and the number of SIMs against your CNIC that you can register.

Know About Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

A card containing the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) is used as part of the Global Mobile Communication System (GSM). They are useful because then you can conveniently disassemble them and mount them on other android platforms in the event that your phone malfunctions or the battery become weak. They also aid in the PTA SIM testing process and the implementation of CNIC.

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What is a GSM provider in Pakistan?

Today, there have been four GSM providers in Pakistan who cater to millions of mobile subscribers. You may have very much heard all of them, Jazz/Warid, Telenor, Ufone, and Zong. Let’s find out the amount of SIMs against your CNIC you can automatically connect.

How many SIM’s allow on you CNIC to Register?

Yes, you can register many SIMs on your CNIC on your behalf. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) enables customers to also have a maximum of five simultaneous SIM card connections. Now that you know however many SIMs your CNIC can be registered, let us learn more about its status checking.

Check Registered SIM’s at your CNIC

In this respect, PTA SIM Information System has implemented state-of-the-art approaches. There are therefore essentially two search engines active SIMs for your CNIC. In one way, SIM data are checked via the website, with the other by SMS. Let’s read something about them.

SIM Information System

Check SIM Information Online by Official Website: 

Link your CNIC to the exact number of SIMs registered by visiting the website below. The following procedure is given below step-by-step:

  • You can also see the above screen by visiting the PTA SIM Information site.
  • Enter your CNIC number into the field will be the next move.
  • You will get your expected results in a tabular format within the same couple of seconds.
  • You can find the active sim operator number in the table.

Check Your SIM Information by SMS

To check sim information through sending sms, follow the following instruction:

  • Open your SMS text message box from your mobile
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  • Type your CNIC in this box without dashes
  • Then, send this message to 668
  • You would be received back an SMS containing your sim information currently in use
  • The charges are Rs. 2 + Tax to check sim information by sending SMS

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These are both quite easy ways to check for your CNIC the number of current SIMs active. The details are accessible from the PTA SIM information system. This system’s efficacy is however dependent on either the biometric system’s process. For their own protection, each special event should use a biometric-checked SIM. So we’ll learn about the PTA biometric testing system and how to use the live tracker to your SIM’s biometric check.

Biometric PTA SIM Verification

PTAs have been reduced as BVS to guarantee the safety of the total number and avoid the manipulation of both the cellular networks via the PTA biometric authentication method. In partnership with NADRA, the PTA Biometric Authentication Framework works. It utilizes CNIC electronic data to scan mobile phones. The scheme includes elements and events below:

  • Purchase or activate a new SIM/Wireless landline connection
  • Get SIM/Wireless Firm link duplicate
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  • SIM/Wireless Link Change in Ownership
  • Portability of Telephone Number (MNP)
  • SIM/Wireless Firm link re-assessment

Keep in mind you have used a SIM connection acknowledged by the PTA Biometric Verification System to avoid blocking your SIM connection and ensure your safety. If you question how to obtain a biometric SIM in Pakistan, you can do here. Check so once again not just whether you have your SIM link on your behalf. How to do this is here.

Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number

This is the whole mobile/cell directory in Pakistan. This pak e-service tool in Pakistan is the largest tool to trace mobile number in Pakistan with name. It may be used to trace the entire address and correct information of mobile telephone numbers.

The comprehensive monitoring of all mobile numbers and addresses. We don’t have any faulty data here! You have the mobile directory number SIM and you are monitored by others.

Trace Mobile Number

Pakistan’s top smartphone tracking number is the biggest mobile tracker in the globe in Pakistan, Pakistan. The Mobile Number Details can be used to track failing calls. With the appropriate service network on this page, you may verify correctness.

Then you have the SIM directory number of the cell phone, and other people monitor you. Our mandate is that we are not responsible for the performance of such information adequately with the relevant service network analysis. These results are timely and do not contain the caller’s personal information.

Check SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number in Pakistan

Follow this initiative to understand the mobile link identification number

  • Enable your cell phone’s text message window
  • Give an empty text message to 668
  • A text with the registered owner as well as other related information will be sent to you.
  • Through the PTA information system, you can search the names of SIM owners in Pakistan.
  • This service is free of charge

SIM Biometric Verification Procedure

Here’s what you must know about the SIM biometric checking methodology in Pakistan.

  • You can visit the outlet with BVS if you really are purchasing a new SIM or replace your old connection with such a new one.
  • Verify that your SIM with your phone provider biometrically checks or not.
  • You must punch your thumb/fingerprint for identity authentication of your SIM connection.
  • That’s how you reach the NADRA modern digital system on your dataphone. PTA SIM registration system biometric technique enables easily live tracker numbers.
  • With a fast digital tracking system, the PTA biometric registration system allows the authorities to curb unethical behavior.
  • Block it for your own protection when you have some SIM card connections you haven’t used for years. A SIM card connected to your CNIC can always be disabled. Let us learn more about the process in this respect.

The procedure of Block SIM Registered on your CNIC

That’s how to block your CNIC-registered SIMs. Step by step we will summarize the procedure to register block SIM:    

  • For both GSM operators, the procedure is approximately equivalent.
  • You must visit the cellular franchise or customer care office of your company to deactivate a SIM cards link registered against your CNIC.
  • Next, you will also need to complete the form and apply your initial CNIC.
  • You will also need to include 3 copies of your CNIC when submitting the form.
  • Make sure you take a little time out and it can take a few hours for the entire operation. Perhaps you’ve got to wait several hours for your turn. There may still be eager to be provided.
  • That’s how SIMs against your CNIC are block

You can contact your mobile carrier concerned by calling your helpline for more information about PTA SIM registration and blocking.


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