Studypool: How You Can Make Money Tutoring Students Online


Where do students go when they’re having problems comprehending their homework?

They may look up answers on the internet, speak with their instructor after class for clarification, or seek out an in-person tutor.

There is, however, another option for pupils to get solutions to their homework problems. It’s known as Studypool. Studypool not only assists students, but it also offers instructors a flexible side career.

We’ll go through how Studypool works, how much you may earn, and how to join up as an instructor in this post.

What Is Studypool?

Studypool is an online tutoring platform that links students with tutors as well as educational information to assist them with homework concerns.

Students may use Studypool to access a variety of resources to help them with their homework, including a note bank, study guides, and a homework Q&A area.

Students may purchase study resources such as example exams, assignment notes, and other papers from the note bank. Once a student has found a document that they like, they may buy it for $5-$10.

StudySoup, a programme that enables students to transform their class notes into cash, is comparable to this. This platform, on the other hand, provides a lot more functionality than StudySoup.

Under-depth instructions on certain topics, such as book reviews or subject deep dives, may be found in the study guide area. Students may also buy these manuals for a modest cost. A compendium on Lord of the Flies is an example of a study aid that a student can come across.

The homework Q&A section is the last tool provided by Studypool. Students may submit their queries here for tutors to answer. This is where you enter the picture.

How Does Tutoring for Studypool Work?

Gig workers have access to a variety of online tutoring opportunities. But what distinguishes Studypool from the competition?

Students may submit a question on Studypool if they have a query concerning their assignment. Tutors may bid on the assignment if they believe they can answer the question.

We’ll split down the Studypool platform into three areas to better illustrate how it works: bidding on questions, presenting yourself to the student, and answering their questions.

Bidding on Questions

As a tutor, you may search the web for questions that you believe you can answer. You may set your pricing and bid on a task if you believe you have what it takes.

Bidding on questions with lesser budgets is the simplest method for novice instructors to acquire their first work. This will allow you to get your feet wet and establish a track record that students can look at.

When putting your bid, students will select a time restriction and a budget for you to view. If your offer falls between these boundaries, you’ll have the best chance of winning the auction.

If a student loves your proposal and feels you’d be a good match for the position, you’ve got it. If not, you might try your luck with other employment. You are free to make as many bids as you want.

Payment will be given to Studypool and kept until the question is answered if a student accepts your offer. Payment will be delivered to you if the student is happy with the response.

Introducing Yourself

When you’ve been chosen and your tutoring session is about to begin, you’ll need to give the student a detailed introduction. Tell them about yourself and why you’re the right person to assist them.

If you have any questions for the student, please sure to ask them before you begin. If you want to give the greatest service possible, you need to know how informed they are on the issue.


Remember that if the student loves you, he or she will return to you for further assistance.

Answering the Student’s Question?

When responding to the question through the online platform, please sure to be as specific as possible. Before the time restriction runs out, you should provide the student a complete response and explanation.

Make sure your response is free of typos and misspellings before submitting it. If a student need clarification or want to participate, you may utilise the message tool. Always offer citations where appropriate, and never plagiarise.

Your task is over once the student is satisfied with your response. You’ll be added to each other’s friend list, and you’ll be able to ask each other questions in the future. Then it’s time for you to be compensated.

Benefits of Being a Studypool Tutor?

Tutors at Studypool have complete control over how much time they work, when they work, and how much they charge. Tutoring is a flexible career that may be used part-time or full-time to supplement your income.

Because of the independence and flexibility, this is an excellent employment for teenagers or a terrific method for college students to supplement their income while they are not studying.

You’ll have return customers after you start addressing queries and creating a reputation. You may generate a regular source of revenue over time by developing a network of pupils.

Studypool also claims to be a reliable service that will keep you safe from scams. While this is encouraging, some teachers and students have expressed dissatisfaction with the service, which we’ll discuss more below.

How Much Does Studypool Pay?

The amount of money you earn teaching with Studypool is directly proportional to the amount of money you bid on tasks. The higher your bid, and the more money you may earn, the more expensive the project is.

Studypool charges a default commission rate of 32.5 percent for each tutoring session. New instructors have the advantage of just receiving a 15% commission rate. The 15% commission rate will be in effect until the tutor withdraws money for the first time from their account. After that, the 32.5 percent commission rate will be implemented.

Also, whether you’re teaching a new student or one you encouraged to assist, you’ll pay a reduced commission. Tutors who answer more than 100 questions and are frequent users will also be paid lower commission rates.

All commission rates can be found in the chart below.

When you’re ready to cash out, use PayPal or Transferwise to complete the transaction. Your payment will be processed within one to three business days by Studypool.

The money will then be completed by PayPal or Transferwise, which will take five to seven business days. Both of these payment systems will impose a transaction fee of 3.5 percent.

How to Become a Studypool Tutor

All Studypool tutors must have a bachelor’s degree or be enrolled in college. Aside from that, there are no further prerequisites for being an instructor.

Go to the Studypool tutor sign-up page to begin the process of becoming a tutor. To get started, use the pink “Apply Now” button.

Become a tutor on Studypool

You may then enter your email, username, and password manually or use Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn to join up.

After that, you may begin tutoring. You may choose the disciplines you specialise in if you wish to get job alerts. If you don’t have an account, you may start browsing questions and submitting bids.


Before you join up, think about whether Studypool is the best fit for you. As we previously indicated, Studypool has received varied evaluations, something you should be aware of.

Is Studypool a Scam?

The Better Business Bureau has given Studypool an A+ rating, although there have been several complaints online about account cancellations and teachers not being paid.

Students may analyse your performance and determine whether or not you provided them a sufficient response, which is a typical issue. It might be aggravating if a student refuses to pay and then accepts your response nevertheless. We have a performance evaluation procedure in place at Studypool to look into these issues, but we can’t guarantee you’ll come out on top.

Tutors have reported that if their account is deactivated, they are unable to collect the money they have previously earned. Customer service is also inadequate, according to Studypool reviews, and getting your concerns fixed and receiving your legitimately earned money is tough.

Obviously, not being paid is a major problem, so think carefully about whether you want to take the chance. There have been many favourable evaluations, so proceed with caution while checking out the site for the first time.

Make Money Giving Homework Help

Studypool might be a good option if you’re seeking for some extra cash. You may earn money in your spare time by answering questions and assisting kids with their assignments.

Whether you’re not sure if Studypool is the perfect fit for you, you can always look into other online teaching opportunities.

FAQs About Studypool

Is Studypool safe and legit?

Studypool is a fantastic online freelancing organisation that assures the attainment of financial objectives, a helpful workplace, prompt cash disbursement, and a fun-to-work-at environment. Employee happiness is greatly enhanced by working at Studypool.

Do you have to pay for Studypool?

Fees for service. Studypool does impose a service fee for certain transactions. This service charge is used to defray the platform’s operating expenses.

Is Studypool fake?

Studypool – This firm is a complete rip-off, as seen by the reviews below.

How is studypool tutoring?

Studypool is a fantastic resource for learning from high-quality professional teachers. The user interface is simple and easy to use, customer service is prompt, and payment mechanisms are simple to use! Furthermore, tuition on Studypool is completely remote, allowing you to work whenever you choose.

Is studypool available in India?

Make Money Online Tutoring Students – Studypool We’re looking for teachers in India right now.


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