Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Call Packages

All you need to know about Prepaid & Postpaid Ufone Call Packages

Prepaid and postpaid consumers can still take advantage of Ufone bundles. As a result, we’ll talk about Ufone Call Packages hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly right now. The article also includes information on prepaid and postpaid packages, as well as u to u free call packages and Ufone to all networks call packages.

Must Read T&C for Bundles

  • Prepaid and postpaid consumers can still take advantage of Ufone bundles.
  • As a result, we’ll talk about Ufone Call Packages hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly right now.
  • The article also includes information on prepaid and postpaid packages, as well as u to u free call packages and Ufone to all networks call packages.

Ufone Call Packages Hourly

One of Ufone’s greatest packages, which may be used in terms of hours. Here’s everything you need to know about Ufone’s hourly call bundles.

On a daily basis, Ufone introduces new low-cost options. This is one of the reasons why this telecom operator is so popular, despite not even converting to 4G. This time, Ufone has launched the 3 PE 3 Offer, which is aimed at people who appreciate spending lengthy periods of time on the phone with their loved ones.

This service is for those homebound women who want to talk to their pals in order to alleviate their loneliness. Profit from the Ufone 3 PE 3 promotion; our call karo pooray 2 ghantay.

This isn’t the first time a telecom company has offered a low-cost plan; after all, Ufone was the first to create the Super Card, which has made our lives easier. Furthermore, there are bundles that are cost-effective.

Power Hour

PackagePower Hour
PriceRs. 7.17 Incl. Tax
On-net Minutes60 minute
Free SMS60 SMS
Internet60 MBs
Validity1 Hour (60 Minutes)
How to SubscribeDial *99#

3 Pe 3 Package

Package3 Pe 3 Package
PriceRs. 6 Incl. Tax (10 Paisa + Tax)
Ufone Minutes120 minutes
Duration2 Hours
How to ActivateDial *343#

Ufone Call Packages Daily

Ufone has some one-day bundles that can be utilised for the entire day (24 Hours). 24 Ghantay packages, Beyhisaab offer, and daily Pakistan offer are the names of these packages. The following is a complete list of the codes for activation and deactivation of various programmes.

  • To subscribe to the Ufone Daily Call Package, dial *343#.
  • To subscribe to the Ufone Weekly Call Package, dial *8888#.
  • To subscribe to the Ufone Monthly Call Package, dial *5000#.

Daily call packages are automatically re-activated at 12 p.m. if you have sufficient balance. Because next-day shipments are automatically re-activated, they are not re-activated. Super 5 is the most popular phone plan for unlimited calls between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Super 5 offers a call package. The Daily Pakistan Deal is yet another fantastic Ufone call bundle that includes an unlimited phone, PTCL, and Ufone call with unlimited MBs. For new everyday call bundles, Ufone continues to provide remarkable additional benefits such as SMS and Internet MBs.

Ufone to Ufone Call Packages

For Rs 14.5 inclusive of tax, Ufone is running a Beyhisaab promotion that provides unlimited minutes on all Ufone and PTCL lines, available 24 hours a day. You can now experience the flexibility of calling thanks to a fantastic Ufone offer.

Ufone Daily is a Pakistani newspaper. Ufone Pakistan provides the package, which costs 18 rupees. This bundle comes with 10 MB of Zong mobile internet, 0 free SMS, 100 on-net minutes, and 0 off-net minutes, and it’s good for one day.

Pakistan’s favourite cellular company, Ufone, will keep the entire country linked with this fantastic deal. So, for only Rs. 18 (incl. tax) every day, you may use your phone to surf the internet and contact any Ufone, PTCL, or Vfone number in Pakistan.

List of Ufone Daily Call Packages given below:

Ufone 24 Ghantay Package
Price: Rs. 9 +Tax
On-net minutes: 86400 On-net Minutes (Rs. 0.15 per call charges)
Validity: 1 Day
How to Subscribe: Dial *5700#
Ufone Beyhisaab Offer
Price: Rs. 14.5 Incl. Tax
On-net minutes: Unlimited On-net Minutes (Rs. 0.13 per call charge)
Validity: 1 Day
How to Subscribe: Dial *5700#
Daily Pakistan Offer
Price: Rs. 18 Incl. Tax.
On-net minutes: 100 minutes
Internet: 10 MBs Data
Validity: 1 Hour
How to Subscribe: Dial *888#

Terms and Conditions

  • Telephone installation costs vary by region.
  • The subscription price is included in both applicable indirect taxes.
  • Standard GPRS costs apply once the free usage limit of 10 MB has been surpassed.
  • Ufone Deals can be subscribed to several times in order to use the resubscription features.

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

There are numerous Ufone weekly call packages available, which are detailed below. If you don’t have a suitable daily or hourly call package, you can subscribe to Ufone’s seven-day subscription. The weekly call plan costs more than the daily call package, but both are appropriate for you.

Initially, the corporation was known for breakthrough telecoms technologies, but over time, it has built up a value-added services portfolio of obsolete connectivity.

Rather, it provides a choice of weekly calling packages to meet a wide range of consumer demands, including education and entertainment. The most popular Ufone weekly call packages are Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar) and Weekly Pakistan.

The Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer is only 100Rs and includes 700 minutes and 100MB of data. You will not stop talking to your friends and family for the next seven days. This deal is worth it for Ufone consumers who subscribe to the Ufone weekly package by dialling *8888#. This weekly package can be used to dial any network. Recognize that your friends are limitless.

The Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer is merely 100R PKR and includes 700 minutes and 100 MBs of data. You’ll have seven days of nonstop talking with relatives and friends. This bundle is worth it for Ufone customers who subscribe to the weekly plan by phoning *8888#. You can dial any network with this weekly bundle. Recognize that your friends are limitless.

The PowerPack is an amazing plan that includes 100 U-to-U minutes, 100 SMS, and 1000 MBs of internet. Unlimited On-Net minutes and 100 MBs of internet are included with this weekly Pakistan package.

Ufone Pakistan’s telecommunications network offers a variety of services, including 500 on-net minutes, 500 SMS, 75 off-net minutes, 300MB, and many others on the superminis card. This offer is available for only 299Rs. Allow Ufone access to your phone number and start chasing nonstop for 30 days. This offer is occasionally available through U-load, but only if you subscribe.

Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer
Price: Rs. 100 Incl. Tax
On-net minutes: 700 minutes
Internet: 100 MBs Data
Validity: 7 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *8888#
Super Minutes Package
Price: Rs. 130 Incl. Tax
All Network Minutes: 100
Validity: 7 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *210#
Ufone Super Mini Card Offer
Price: Rs. 299 Incl. Tax
On-net minutes: 500
Other Network Minutes: 75
SMS: 500
Internet: 300 MBs Data
Validity: 7 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial Load Ufone Mini Super Card
Asli Chappar Phaar Offer
Price: Rs. 120 Incl. Tax
On-net minutes: 100
SMS: 100
Internet: 1 GB Data
Validity: 7 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *5050#

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

Ufone For a long time, Pakistan’s superfast telecommunications network has served its customers. Make a call to any phone network and begin speaking without interruption. Here is the whole list of monthly Ufone call bundles at an unacceptable rate, along with subscription details.

Customers on Ufone can choose from a variety of Ufone Super Offers, including the Ufone Super Card Plus, Ufone Super Card, Ufone Mini Super Card, and Ufone Super Internet. Customers can choose from a variety of Ufone Super Card packages based on their needs for convenience and accessibility.

It gives you additional value even if you’re a regular U client. It’s all about you, and it’s all about Ufone. To enable Ufone monthly packages on your Ufone SIM, dial *8888#. This transaction is legal with all applicable taxes in only a few minutes.

The Ufone Monthly Pakistan bundle comes with 4000 minutes online and 400MBs of data for a month.

Ufone Pakistan is offering a Sim Lagao Deal. If you did, you did not use a Ufone SIM in the last 30 days. This strategy is for you. Simply insert that sim card into your phone and dial *5000#. You’ll get 6000 minutes of on-net data, 6000 SMS, and 6GB of data.

Consumers can profit from Ufone’s new SIM offer in a variety of ways. All Ufone customers who purchase a new SIM card today will receive many Rs. 50 charging rewards. With this pack, clients will receive 25 off-net minutes, 1000 MB Internet, 500 U-U, PTCL, and 500 SMS across all networks.They only need to charge Rs. 50, which is more than enough. Furthermore, these prizes can be consumed in as little as five days.

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer
Price: Rs. 0 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 6000
SMS: 6000
Internet: 6 GBs Data
Validity: 30 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *5000#
Ufone Nayi SIM Offer
Price: Rs. 50 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 500
Other Network Minutes: 25
SMS: 500
Internet: 1 GBs Data 3G/4G
Validity: 30 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *1000#
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer
Price: Rs. 418 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 4000
Other Network Minutes: N/A
Internet: 400 MBs Data
Validity: 30 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *230#
To Unsubscribe: Dial *8880#
Ufone Super Card Gold Offer
Price: Rs. 999 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: Unlimited
Other Network Minutes: 300
SMS: Unlimited
Internet: 5GB Data + free Facebook
Validity: 30 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *900#
Ufone Super Card Plus Offer
Price: Rs. 559 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 1000
Other Network Minutes: 150
SMS: 4000
Internet: 1.2 GBs Data
Validity: 30 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *240#
Ufone Super Card Offer
Price: Rs. 550 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 1200
Other Network Minutes: 180
SMS: 4200
Internet: 2 GBs Data
Validity: 30 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *250#

Ufone 2 Days & 15 Days Packages

For their consumers, Ufone gave outstanding other 2-day and 15-day Ufone packages at reasonable pricing. Ufone Pakistan also offers this deal, which costs 45 rupees. Package of Super Recharge. 100 MB of mobile internet, 300 free SMS, 300 net minutes, and 10 off-net minutes are included with this bundle. This deal is only good for one day. You can subscribe to the Ufone Super Recharge Plan with your Ufone Sim by following the instructions below.

Grab a chance to get it all with the gigantic mini card. The package includes 500 SMS, 600 MB of data, and 75 minutes off-net. All come with Rs 330, and you can use the high-speed Internet to watch films, play games, and much more.For a Rs. 330 mini Super Card membership or loading, simply phone *230#. This is a 15-day plan from Ufone.

Ufone Super Recharge Package
Price: Rs. 50 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 300
Other Network Minutes: 10
SMS: 700
Internet: 100 MBs Data
Validity: 2 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *300#
Ufone Super Mini Card Offer
Price: Rs. 330 Incl. Tax
On-net & PTCL minutes: 500
Other Network Minutes: 75
SMS: 3500
Internet: 600 MBs Data
Validity: 15 Days
How to Subscribe: Dial *230#

Ufone Call Packages should not be overlooked when it comes to simply call packages. There is also a package for individuals who don’t phone often enough to save money and avoid overspending on tiny calls. That is the network’s level of satisfaction and treatment of your customers.

Ufone is the company’s name. Additionally, numerous bundles provided their clients with unrestricted convenience. It is also the first to introduce the Super Card concept, which bundles SMS, calls, and Internet MBs into a single card at an unbelievable price. After seeing the network’s success, all the other networks followed suit.

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Call Packages

  • One subscription has a maximum duration of 100 minutes.
  • The offer is good until 11:59 p.m. the same night or for free minutes usage.
  • The deal is automatically renewed at 12:00 p.m. (PST)
  • Voice bin calls, NTC numbers, and shortcode calls are not included.
  • Your SIM represents your identity, so only utilise PTA’s biometric SIM verification.

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages

This is the place to go if you’re looking for postpaid packages. For individuals with monthly bundles ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500, Ufone postpaid is a viable option. The Ufone Prime 300 package, the Ufone Postpay Prime 500 package, and more plans are available from Ufone Postpaid.

Prime 300Rs.3001000 On-net min 1000 SMS, 150 off-net min, 500 MB30 DaysVia-Helpline
Prime 600Rs.6002000 On-net min, 2000 SMS, 300 off-net min, 1000 MB30 DaysVia-Helpline
Prime 1000Rs.10005000 On-net min, 5000 SMS, 500 off-net min, 2000 MB30 DaysVia-Helpline
Prime 1500Rs.1500Unlimited On-net mint, 7000 SMS, 8000 MBs, 750 off-net mints30 DaysVia-Helpline

What’s New Provide Ufone to their Customers?


Ufone introduced a number of different Ufone Call Packages, SMS Packages, and Internet Packages. Furthermore, Ufone Prepaid / Postpaid clients will still be able to communicate with their friends and family. With Ufone’s hourly internet package, for example, you can always stay connected to the internet for very low prices. Free Ufone Internet Packages, on the other hand, allow you the ability to take advantage of entertaining, no-cost deals.

We’ll go over all of the new and modified Ufone 4G packages in this post, including the most popular ones among users like Ufone internet night packages or Weekly 1 GB Ufone internet packages, and more.

When it comes to bridging distances and bringing relatives closer together, Ufone call packages spring to mind. People in Pakistan now recognise the network operator as a well-known brand. Any other individual you encounter will be a Ufone user, demonstrating how the company has grown into a profitable enterprise.

Ufone mobile bundles allow you to take advantage of incredible resources while saving money. As a result, Ufone Call packages are the ideal partner for you to make daily calls in order to locate family and friends.

If you prefer text messaging over direct calling, however, Ufone allows you to send SMS packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since you have Ufone International, long-distance packages are no problem.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of all the new Ufone Call Packages so that our readers can quickly locate and activate any package that interests them. Weekly Ufone call packages, free U to U, and monthly Ufone call packages are the most popular call packages among Ufone consumers, as more information.

Ufone has a number of different call packages, each with its own set of calling times and costs. Aside from bundles, there are a variety of bargains available just by refilling your account or using credit cards. The prices of these packages and deals vary. Each bundle has a different pricing and length. Each bundle includes features such as on-net minutes, off-net minutes SMS, and MBS. SMS is a free service.

For a short period, Ufone, like Behisab, offers unlimited Ufone to Ufone calling minutes. Other one-day deals include the Ufone 24 ghanta package, which includes 86400 calling minutes as well as a free call on PTCL and Vfone. You would have to pay 8.99 rupees + VAT for this package. A weekly calling bundle is also available, which provides you with enough minutes to call for a week.

Ufone Asli Chappar Phar is a weekly calling bundle that comes with 1 GB of data, 100 minutes of Ufone-to-Ufone calling, and 100 free SMS. This package will just set you back 80 rupees. The Ufone Super recharge plan is the greatest option for users who wish to take advantage of all the features. Weekly bundles are available.

Do you want to now about Ufone Network?

In Pakistan’s telecommunications market, Ufone is a market leader. More than 9000 coverage spots are dispersed across the country, often along key highways. International roaming is also offered with 288 Live operators in over 160 countries. As a result, anyone wishing to go outside of Pakistan or go on vacation has a Ufone sim in many nations across the world due to their widespread availability.

Pakistani cellular service provider Ufone. On January 29th, 2001, the company began operations in Pakistan, with its headquarters in Islamabad. Ufone was a wholly-owned PTCL subsidiary until 2006, when privatisation resulted in a change of ownership to Etiolated.

Finally, Ufone provides you with lightning-fast Internet and utensils, allowing you to enjoy streaming, surfing, downloading, and socialising at breakneck speeds. So, whomever you are, Ufone Daily Packages are your one-stop shop for outstanding communication.

When Ufone first opened its doors in Pakistan in the year 2000, it quickly rose to become the country’s third-largest mobile operator. While Ufone’s user base in Pakistan is lower than that of other mobile operators, it nonetheless attracts attention with its distinctive advertisements, intriguing packages and deals, and engaging campaigns.

A wide range of things protect various types of ordinary packaging. To choose the most appropriate period, there are regular, weekly, and monthly packages. Ufone has the greatest advance payments and upgrades for you, regardless of the payment method you use. As a result, you won’t feel as if you’re missing out on UFON Packages because of your membership mode.

Ufone Important Codes

  • Check Remaining Ufone Minutes: Dial *707#
  • Use Free Facebook on Ufone SIM: Dial *3434#
  • Check Remaining Ufone SMS: Dial 42*336#
  • Ufone Balance Check Code: Dial *124*
  • Ufone Advance Balance Code: Dial 456
  • Check Remaining MBs Code: Dial *706#
  • Mobile Internet Settings Ufone Code: Send your mobile model to 222
  • Dial *707# to check your Ufone SIM number.
  • To check your Ufone balance, dial 828Number*Amount#.


How can I get free minutes on ufone?

Free Minutes: How to Get Them. Go to “Write message,” type “Empty,” and send it to “3016.” Within 5 minutes, you will receive 100 free U-to-U minutes.

Is ufone free to PTCL?

For 180 minutes, make free calls to Ufone and PTCL numbers. Customers on Ufone can take advantage of this deal at any moment by dialling *343#. The whole cost, including tax, is roughly Rs 3.59. You can make calls from your Ufone number to Ufone, PTCL, and any Vfone numbers using 3 Pai 3.

How can I get Super minutes on ufone?

To subscribe, dial *210# or go to any merchant and purchase a Rs. 100 Super Minutes Package.

How can I call Ufone to Ufone free? or How to make a FREE Call?

Simply dial 11 and the required number to get a free call with Ufone Collect. As an example, 1103335199942. If the other party accepts your call, you will be connected immediately.

How can I use free WhatsApp on Ufone?

In Pakistan, Ufone has made WhatsApp available for free to prepaid customers. The WhatsApp package, which includes voice and video conversations at any time of day, may be signed up for by dialling *987#.


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