Vivo Y33s – New Definition of Outstanding Design and Superior Performance

vivo Y33s – New Definition of Outstanding Design and Superior Performance

As a result, when it comes to purchasing one, it goes without saying that we go all out in our search for the ultimate smartphone within our budget.

We want it everything, whether it’s a strong camera, a long battery life, or high-end performance. Keeping all of the consumer expectations in mind, Vivo has once again risen to the occasion and launched the Y33s in the country.

The most recent smartphone has a powerful camera, a 5,000mAh battery, and an all-around high-performance chipset. The best combination of features for a consumer.

vivo has always been proud of its Y series for being both inexpensive and high-quality. It has garnered so much positive feedback from customers that it has risen to the top of the company’s list of best series. Furthermore, the inclusion of Y33s to the portfolio has elevated the entire series to a new level.

In 2022, new Vivo models launce Vivo V22 Pro and Vivo Y15s in Pakistan.

The Vivo Y33s makes photography one of its strongest qualities, with a triple camera arrangement consisting of a 50MP Rear Camera, a 2MP Bokeh Camera, and a 2MP Super Macro Camera.

It’s no wonder that the brand has received a lot of attention as a result of the powerful cameras in its latest smartphones. The 50MP rear camera sensors allow users to snap higher-quality photos. Even in low-light situations, the camera performs admirably. There is no loss of quality while zooming in or cropping the photographs.


The camera also has Super Night Selfie, Noise Reduction technology, and Aura Screen Light, which contributes to its excellent low-light performance.

The Y33s comes with a massive 5,000 mAh battery with an 18W FastCharge capacity that powers the smartphone quickly, saving consumers a lot of time.

Furthermore, it has a reverse charging mechanism that converts the smartphone into a mobile power bank. With such a large battery, you may certainly use your phone to assist your buddies.

This robust battery works well with its processor, allowing it to operate smoothly in all situations. This device’s heart is the Helio G80 Processor. It allows for great performance, which powers the entire phone.

There isn’t much this phone can’t do with a CPU clock speed of up to 2.0GHz. The Hyper Engine Game Technology allows for dynamic management of the CPU, GPU, and memory, resulting in higher performance and longer playtime.

What further distinguishes this phone is the Extended RAM 2.0 with an 8GB memory + 4GB idle memory, which provides more muscle power when the phone is required to perform above and beyond the standard. This allows for seamless performance with numerous programs operating at the same time.

A powerful storage capacity of 128 GB ROM also contributes to this speed. There’s always room in your life for more memory, and this phone is no exception. It enables you to capture any moment without fear of running out of storage space.

All of this technological prowess is housed in a 182g gadget with an 8.00mm body thickness. vivo has always advertised its products as a blend of design and technology. It is available in two color options: Mirror Black and Midday Dream.

The Mirror Black variant employs a double-layer coating process to provide a dark black finish reminiscent of the night, and the Midday Dream variant employs AG textures with a liquid crystal coating to produce the sensation of a dreamlike wonderland.

vivo retains the phone’s appearance exceptionally gorgeous with a futuristic touch.

Y33s can be purchased all over Pakistan. So, what are you holding out for? Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire yours today!


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