WhatsApp is working on message reactions!


WhatsApp is working on new messaging features, and we’re excited to reveal the first one today! After launching one of the most requested features, multi-device, WhatsApp is working on new messaging features, and we’re excited to announce the first one today!

Common questionsAnswers
Name of the feature?Message reactions
Status?Under development
Availability?This feature will be available in a future update for beta testers.
I’ve installed the latest update but I don’t see this feature, why?Seen that this feature is under development, it’s not ready for the public, but you can discover a preview here.
Previous news?WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new? New colors are available for beta testers today!

You’ve already seen the headline, which tells it all: WhatsApp is working hard on message reactions! Even though WhatsApp is an instant messaging software, this was a surprising move: we’ve seen a lot of new features recently, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen something entirely new in the messaging space. Today, we’re finally able to reveal one of WhatsApp’s initial messaging features: reactions!


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You already know what a reaction is: it’s usually an emoji that you may use to communicate feelings in a text message. Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage already offer message reactions, and we can now begin to track their evolution.

WhatsApp is working on a notice that will appear when a user is using an outdated version of WhatsApp that does not support receiving reactions as a first step. The user will not be able to see the reaction in this situation, but WhatsApp will display a separate message, requesting that the user upgrade WhatsApp in order to see the reaction:

Although this is the first step, the screenshot is clear: WhatsApp will allow message reactions, and we’re looking forward to sharing more information with you in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is working on message reactions!

What does a WhatsApp reaction look like? Due to the fact that this feature is still being developed, we will have to wait for subsequent updates to see it. Even though the screenshot was obtained from the WhatsApp beta for Android

, this functionality will undoubtedly be implemented to WhatsApp for iOS and Web/Desktop as well.

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