WhatsApp new tips and tricks: How to send messages without typing

How to send messages without typing on WhatsApp

You simply have to ask Google Assistant to send a WhatsApp to perform your business. Read more about it. Read more.

With the help of digital assistants, WhatsApp users may easily send a set of messages without even typing them into the messaging app. You just need to request a WhatsApp from your virtual assistant, then your task is done.

While Google Assistant may be used by Android smartphone users to send messages, iOS use Siri to send WhatsApp messages to users. This is an easy way to deliver messages when you are busy or unable to enter a message but still require a message.

You can even ask the digital assistants to read your messages, but if you want your assistant to do your job, your virtual assistant will ask you for permission. You must access the notifications on your phone.


Google will present a message saying: “Give Google App access to your notifications to hear your messages, calendar events, and other vital information.” Don’t worry, in options, you can always modify this. You only need to go to the Settings notification area and disable Google access to notifications.

Now, you can read more about how with the help of Google Assistant you may send messages on WhatsApp without typing.

How to send messages without typing on WhatsApp

Step 1: First, if you can’t call it by saying simply “Hey Google” or “Okay Google,” you have a need to install the Google Assistant app on your smartphone. You may also touch and hold the Home button to enable Google Assistant on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2: Tap the “Open” button and speak “Google Hey,” once you have installed it.


Step 3: The digital assistant will reply to you afterward. Then you may say “Send XXXX (name) with a WhatsApp message.” The name of the contact to which you would want to send a message must be mentioned.

Step 4: Then Google Assistant will ask you what the message should be.

Step 5: The virtual helpdesk then types the message and display it. The wizard says that the message is ready to be sent. You just have to say “Alright, send it.” Your message is then sent. The assistant could send the message for the second time directly.


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