WhatsApp Update New Emojis: Here’s what you need to know about Whatsapp new emojis


This study has shown that the new emojis sent by iOS users can be easily visualized for users who have updated beta of WhatsApp for Android.

For quite some time now, the popular WhatsApp message platform has been developing on several features. It already has a photo and video functionality that ‘was seen once’ and works on future capabilities like multi-device support and secure backups. WhatsApp now adds support to the latest emojis in its Android app’s beta version.

WhatsApp Update New Emojis

The Facebook-owned messaging app now supports the latest emojis according to the WABeta Info report, which essentially enables Android users to see the latest emoticons sent by another Apple iOS user. Apple previously announced the new emojis of iOS 14.5. The emojis have a heart on the flames, a facial exhalation, and many other emojis. This is not yet available.


It is therefore vital to mention that users of the Apple iPhone who have updated to iOS 14.5 were allowed, through WhatsApp, to communicate 217 new Emojis using the system’s emoji support. But no Android user can notice these emojis because even the Android 11 user does not support these emojis. WhatsApp now has an update that shows the photographs in the correct form.

This analysis showed that the new emojis received from iOS users may readily view those users that have updated version2.21.16.10 for WhatsApp for Android. Please, these emojis can also be sent using your in-app emoji picker but not through your emoji keyboard. The next Android 12 is set to receive systemwide support for those emojis.


Apple supported three main groupings of emojis, it has already been reported in April. The first comprises a face in the clouds, a face with spiral eyes, that exhales (or sucks). Two new heart variations exist in the second group – a burning heart emoji and a mending heart emoji, and an extensive third group supports a wide variety of gender and new emojis.


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