WhatsApp working on introducing new features to status updates

WhatsApp working on introducing new features to status updates

Following numerous advancements this year, WhatsApp will be working on the new function to updates the status, as well as WABetainfo. The new feature will be available.

The website says that WhatsApp has now improved status updates after it has improved various previous features including speed playback for voice chats, the multi-device login functionality, and the new archive choices.

“WhatsApp today works on status updates, the possibility of viewing updates that tap the image of the profile!” WABetainfo post read. Read.

WhatsApp states that users can examine the status by just tapping profile images on the chat app. The website says.

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“When you touch the profile photo, WhatsApp will offer a warning that asks you whether you want to see the status update or the profile photo.

This functionality is being developed and available for beta-testers in a future update.


WhatsApp now enables chats to be transferred between Android and iOS

“Do you want to transport your WhatsApp history safely from one platform to the next? We are trying to make this possible from @SamsungMobile handsets and it will soon be available on @Android and iOS telephones, “The leader added. He said.

One day before, WhatsApp stated that smartphone users had developed significantly. WhatsApp stated that it would allow users to finally transfer data from Android to iOS and vice-versa.

The platform has now rolled out its feature for Samsung handsets, but is soon going to be available for each mobile phone, Android to iOS, and vice versa, said Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp.


“In order to use this feature, WhatsApp users link their old and new device to the Lightning cord via USB-C, and start the Smart Switch. Then the new phone prompts you to scan your old phone for a QR code and export the WhatsApp history. You will sign in to WhatsApp and import messages to the new device to finish the transfer, “Reported Tech Crunch.


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