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Jazz WhatsApp Packages/ Bundles Subscription Detail & Price List

Jazz WhatsApp Packages is the new 3G/4G data plan for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, IMO, and many other social media. Cheap Jazz internet package plans for users with low balance.

You just want a Jazz WhatsApp offer that has a decent volume (in terms of MBs) and operates at a low cost for social offers, to go out for jazz internet packages, and want to keep in touch with relatives and friends on your social media.

[expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Hide More”] Those customers of the Jazz network who are searching for a daily, weekly, or monthly Jazz Whatsapp B√ľndle 2021 can find the best service you can. 24 hours, six days, or 30 days are the best deals.

All users who subscribe to the WhatsApp online subscription should subscribe because the packages are intended only for customers who want to talk to WhatsApp. This WhatsApp deal helps customers. The cost of information is very low and there is a free video or audio call.

The best Whatsapp package thus appears to the customers. Message & call packages have been replaced by Whatsapp.

Instead of simple message and calling, everybody likes WhatsApp because WhatsApp has a crystal clear voice, fastest message, and call transmission. Jazz Whatsapp bundles were introduced daily, weekly, and every month to its customers through the use of jazz WhatsApp.

People can enable Jazz network packages on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumbler, and other social media to communicate with their friends and family members. [/expand]

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package

Whatsapp is currently known by several social media outlets as the most-used app, since it is easy to manage and accessible in almost any smartphone.

Jazz has provided its users many amazing Whatsapp packages in this regard, so that those who do not have Internet connectivity can still communicate with their loved ones and exchange videos , photographs or send voice messages at an affordable price.

[expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Hide More”] At here, a complete explanation of jazz monthly WhatsApp packages and with this offer you will also get facebook and imo bundle. Check out below how to subscribe all of these offers. [/expand]

New Updated Jazz monthly whatsapp package given below:

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle
Charges: Rs. 129 Incl. Tax
On-net minutes: Rs. 133
Internet: 7 GB Data WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO
SMS: 12000
Duration: 30 Days
How to Subscribe

Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Pakistan’s largest network Jazz provides jazz internet packages in which include some social bundles for Facebook and WhatsApp at very affordable prices for week (7 days).

However, daily packages do not contain enough MB for users who are prepaid. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Hide More”] Now, you can do avail different opportunities from week level.

Jazz weekly and sms bundle offered 25 MBs only for WhatsApp and 1500 sms to all networks in 20 PKR including tax. Likewise, jazz weekly social offer give the better offer for all social media like as whatsapp, facebook and imo. This bundle contain 5 GB and charges are just Rs. 70 including tax. [/expand]

List of Jazz weekly whatsapp packages given below:

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS Packages
Charges: Rs. 21 Incl. Tax,
Balance Require: Rs. 23
Internet: 25 MBs Data
SMS: 1500
Duration: 7 Day
How to Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Social Bundle
Charges: Rs. 115 Incl. Tax
Internet: 5 GB for IMO, WhatsApp, Youtube & Facebook
Duration: 7 Day
How to Subscribe
Jazz Haftawar Data Offer 
Charges: Rs. 108 Incl. Tax
Balance Require: Rs.110 Require
On-net minutes: 500 minutes
Internet: 4 GB Internet + Free WhatsApp
Duration: 7 Days
How to Subscribe
Jazz Haftawar Data Offer
Charges: Rs. 99 Incl. Tax
Balance Require: Rs. 109
On-net Minutes: 500
Internet: 4 GB internet + 10 GB WhatsApp
Duration: 7 Days
How to Subscribe
All in One Social Offer
Charges: RS. 160 Incl. Tax
Balance Require: Rs. 165 Require
On-net minutes: 1000 minutes
Internet: 8 GB for Facebook, Whatsapp & IMO
Duration: 7 Days
How to Subscribe

Daily Packages

Just one Internet package with a few MB and several SMS is included in social packages provide by Mobilink. by jazz. Such MBs, however, will help you test your WhatsApp status and your family’s SMS.

Please see the WhatsApp daily packages information below. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Hide More”] One of the cheapest rate and best WhatsApp package of daily basis which provide 200 MBs for WhatsApp for 24 hours just in Rs. 2 including tax.

If you want to get sms and WhatsApp both simultaneously, then subscribe to jazz daily WhatsApp and sms packages just in Rs. 7.2. With this offer, you will get 1500 sms and 10MBs for WhatsApp. [/expand]

List of Jazz daily whatsapp packages are listed below:

Jazz WhatsApp Daily Offer
Charges: Rs. 2 Incl. Tax
Internet: 200 MBs
Duration:1 Day
How to Subscribe
Jazz Daily Social Bundle
Charges: Rs. 16 Incl. Tax
Internet: 1GB (Youtube + Facebook + Whatsapp)
Duration: 1 Day
How to Subscribe
Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS Packages
Charges: Rs. 7.2 Incl. Tax,
Balance Require: Rs.8 Require
Internet: 10 MB for WhatsApp
SMS: 1800
Duration: 1 Day
How to Subscribe
WhatsApp + Facebook + YouTube Offer
Charges: Rs. 18 Incl. Tax
Internet: 1 GB (WhatsApp+Facebook+YouTube)
Duration: 1 Day (24 Hour)
How to Subscribe

Jazz SIM Lagao Offer

Jazz gives Sim Lagao offer which is the most interesting reactivation deal. This deal is for those who do not use their Jazz Sims anymore and this allows them to use their Jazz Sims again. This article will address your questions, such as how you can check or trigger the status of Sim lagao plan. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Hide More”]

The deal extends to customers who have not spent more than 30 days using their Jazz SIM. When Sim is reactivated, Jazz subscribers are provided with 50 jazz minutes per day, with 3000 SMS and 3GB (3GB for WhatsApp) internet valid for 60 days. For a total of 3000 minutes.

In addition, for one day, jazz users can receive 50 jazz minutes with 50 sms and 50 mobile television channels, but this free resource will not apply between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. [/expand]

Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS Packages
Charges: Rs. 15.00 Incl. Tax
On-Net Minutes: 3000
Internet: 6 GB Data + 3 GB WhatsApp
SMS: 3000
Duration: 60 Days
How to Subscribe

WhatsApp PKG Code of Daily, Weekly & Monthly


Like other telecom sectors, Jazz is also giving its value to its customers by offering some cheap rates of WhatsApp bundles. The postpaid packages are not available yet. They can only be reaped by prepaid consumers. The WhatsApp packages provided by Jazz are available here. If you’re a prepaid customer, you will benefit from all of them.

WhatsApp is highly popular among teenagers and mature persons. They all use social apps to keep their loved ones in line. Students can share notes and take study help using these apps. Jazz also offers inexpensive WhatsApp services for its beloved clients, including other telecom companies. WhatsApp is used to share your loved ones from thousands of miles away not just for free file sharing, but also for superfluous video calls.

Although, these packages do not extend to post payments. It can only be used by prepaid consumers. Above discussed are the packages of social bundles that Jazz provides. If you are a prepaid customer, you can use all of the WhatsApp bundles. With this offer, you can also get Facebook and IMO and some packages of WhatsApp are along with SMS.

Terms and Conditions

  • At any time of the day it can be signed up.
  • In the 2G/3G/4G network zones, the Internet bundle can be subscribed and used.
  • Divide package status code for the Rs.06 to check for remaining motivation and validity.
  • The Internet package has overage Rs.2/MB.
  • Bundles will not subscribe automatically and will have to be registered until they expire.
  • If there is no package you will be charged the basic rate, i.e. The pulses will be 512 KB paid. Rs. 5/MB.
  • The current internet speeds depend on multiple factors such as sim, computers, accessed web pages, daytime, number of simultaneous users, 2G/3G/4G site distances etc.
  • The package subject to change at any time.

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Are you know about Jazz Network?

Jazz is the first telecoms company in Pakistan to achieve the right quality and lowest cost in services. The details for subscribing and unsubscribing codes are therefore included in the Jazz Whatsapp Packages for 2021. Some other social packages are also available, but those were the best packages for daily, weekly, or monthly use.

Note: We updated all of the details you need to know about jazz monthly WhatsApp packages you are looking for, to share and comment on if you still have a concern about jazz WhatsApp packages.

FAQs About WhatsApp Packages

If you want to subscribe jazz monthly whatsapp package then just dial *101*1*02# and enjoy whole month.
To check jazz remaining whatsapp packages MBs, then dial *101*2*02# and you receive prompt message containing information about remaining bundle.
To unsubscribe jazz monthly whatsapp bundle Dial the code *101*4*02# from your keypad of mobile.
Now, jazz bring free whatsapp 250 MBs after making calls to other customers in a day. You can avail 25 MBs after single call.