Latest Windows 11 Preview Adds Family Widget And Store Update

Windows 11

The latest version of Windows 11 has been introduced by Microsoft. Only some of the Windows Insiders will test some of the new features, while other new features are published for all beta or dev users.

The new Windows 11 Insider Build has been released by Microsoft. The construction is 22000.120 and begins with the beta and dev channels. It contains a significant number, including many tiny amendments, of new features and enhancements. For instance, Microsoft users with a link to the family now get a family widget that displays other family members’ actions.

The conversation signs in the system tray are also given a new notification badge. However, Microsoft does not spread this innovation to every insider. We have updated the release notes at the end of this article for the additional innovations.

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New Microsoft Store

Dev Channel users are also updated in 22107.1401.9.0 for the Microsoft Store, introducing a new design of the game product details pages and Spotlight’s automatic scrolling. A long list of bug fixes is available in addition to the new features. The entire list of changes may be seen on the Windows Blog for those interested. There is also information concerning recognized problems for insider leader Amanda Langowski and Windows manager Brandon LeBlanc.


List of Changes and Improvements

  • A new family widget for MSA accounts is being introduced! It is available in all languages and regions of Windows. It lets you see your Microsoft family group’s latest activity.
  • The ‘Identify’ button in the display configuration is now just below the monitor control, so it is simpler to discover (if you’re linked to many displays).
  • In the Taskbar Preview windows, we make several changes to enhance the look of the Close button.
  • When you change the background for desktops, even if the settings are already open, the options will now move to the desktop you are now on using Select Background from the Task View.
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  • We start with the notification badge in the system tray for the conversation symbol. Not everybody will immediately see it.
  • In order to simplify it a bit for mouse users, we have changed a File Explorer context menu.
  • We have done some changes in ALT + Tabs, Task View and Snap Aid to enhance space and thumbnail size.
  • Updated to use a Dropdown Menu with all options in a list rather than a nested list, the new buttons in the File Explorer command bar.

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