YouTube Hosts First Creator Roundtable with Pakistani Content Creators

YouTube Hosts First Creator Roundtable with Pakistani Content Creators

YouTube, the popular video-streaming network, conducted a virtual Pakistan creator roundtable, which was a historic first. Media representatives as well as the minds behind four well-known Pakistani YouTube channels, Ducky Bhai, Something Haute, Sistrology, and Street Food PK, attended the event.

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Farhan S. Qureshi, Google’s Country Director for Pakistan, kicked off the discussion by sharing useful ideas with content creators and the media. He stated, “

Pakistani YouTube channels receive around 55 percent of their viewing from outside the nation. The figure suggests that Pakistani YouTubers’ content is extremely popular around the world.

He also revealed that on a yearly basis, more than 300 channels currently have more than 1 million members, representing a 35 percent increase. He stated that over 4,500 YouTube channels now have over 100,000 subscribers, representing a 45 percent increase.

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Qureshi also revealed that popular Pakistani YouTube channels are now earning more than Rs 1 million per year, up by more than 140 percent year on year. YouTube, he said, pushes its content providers to become financially secure.


The video producers also revealed their YouTube journey experiences, including how they got started, how they built a community, how YouTube transformed their lives, and where they are now, during the panel discussion.

‘Ducky Bhai,’ also known as Saad Ur Rehman, remembers starting his YouTube channel five years ago.

I used to make lesson videos for gaming and technology. I used to borrow shopkeepers’ and friends’ electronic devices so that I could record videos on them. Things changed after I learnt to edit and produced ‘Ducky Bhai.’ Podcasts, Vlogs, and ‘Ducky Extra’ were added to the mix.

A similar tale was recounted by Dr. Iqra Kanwal, the creator of the prominent YouTube channel Sistrology. According to her, the channel’s growth was gradual at first until she turned to vlogging. “Things have finally changed for the better,” she continued.

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Aamna Haider Isani of Something Haute, who abandoned her job to focus more on content creation on YouTube, said that despite her lack of technical knowledge, her channel has a large following, prompting her to upload more videos. She was completely overwhelmed when over 50 individuals showed out to meet her at a meet-up session in Washington, D.C., as she was reflecting on how she managed to develop a community.


Despite his family’s worries, Zia Tabaruk, the man behind the Street Food PK, likewise quit his professional career and moved to YouTube. Tabaruk’s decision not only paid off monetarily, but it also allows him to be as creative as he wants with his videos.

People’s turn to YouTube to make money shows a shift in the general public’s thinking. It’s no surprise that the video-streaming network has captured the attention of the general public, who are now wanting to create their own community on the site. The producers believe that there is still a lot of promise and room in the Pakistani market for new YouTubers who can make money while making content.


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