Zong Internet Packages 2023


In 2008, Zong launched its telecom services. Zong Internet Packages was previously not considered a major telecom company in Pakistan due to its limited services. In just a few years, Zong began to provide valuable services to its customers and established a solid reputation. Customers began to trust Zong telecom services as a result of their high quality.

Zong improves its services by offering 2G/3G and 4G high-speed internet to its valued customers. Both prepaid and postpaid customers would benefit from these services. Zong has always prioritized advanced services, and it is Pakistan’s first telecom company to launch solar-powered cell sites. This website’s sole purpose is to promote the “Go Green” movement. Advanced internet applications such as GSM, LTE, and UMTS/HSPA are included in the Zong.

This biggest telecom also provides you lot of Zong WhatsApp Packages in which also included other social media networks.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

NameDataChargesSUB CodeValidity
Zong Day Time Offer1500MbRs.25SMS “dto” to 64644 am to 7 pm
Zong Goodnight Offer2500MBRs.25SMS “gno” to 64641 am to 9 am
Zong Youth Offer 2.5 GBRs 16SMS “gno” to 64641 am to 9 am
Zong Whatsapp Pkg5GBRs.90Auto30 Day
Zong Imo2.5 GBRs.90Dial *7788#30 Day

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Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Super WeeklyRs.1652.5 GB*6464*1*2*1#
Super Weekly PlusRs.2407 GB*6464*1*2*2#
Super Weekly MaxRs.29915GB + 15 GB YouTube*6464*1*2*3#
Mega Data OfferRs.100 (load)100GB (1 am to 9 am)*6464*1*2*4#
Super Weekly PremiumRs.30230 GB Data + 100 Off-net Mins + 3000 Zong Mins + 3000 SMS*6464*1*2*5#

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly MiniRs.50150 MB*6464*1*4*1#
Monthly Basic Rs.150500 MB*6464*1*4*2#
Monthly Premium 5GBRs.5005 GB*6464*1*4*3#
Monthly Premium 30GBRs.100015GB + 15 GB YouTube*6464*1*4*4#

There are three different types of package plans available from Zong Daily Net. Any user can choose from a variety of packages based on their needs and data requirements. The Zong daily net package is designed for people who do not use the internet on a regular basis.

These users only use the Zong Daily Internet Package to download a small amount of data. The full details of the Zong net package can be found here. Zong provides data packages that are accessible to the general public. It also offers its customers valuable services and low-cost deals.

All community members can afford Zong call packages, SMS, and internet packages. Some social offers, such as Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media usage, are specifically intended for social media addicts.

Zong always provides its valued customers with valuable and inexpensive internet packages. This extra effort makes Zong a more trustworthy and dependable firm. Zong Internet Packages are similar to Zong Daily Internet Packages.


Weekly deals come with enough MBS to last a full week without running out. A user has seven days to download and upload data. The cost of these packages is reasonable and appealing to consumers.

Zong typically offers three different internet packages. Zong offers three different internet packages: a one-day, a weekly, and a monthly internet package. Monthly internet packages from Zong are ideal for users who need internet data on a regular basis.

They should sign up for a monthly internet package to avoid having to pay for different subscriptions. In the Zong monthly internet package section, there are several packages to choose from, each with different time duration and price. A user should scroll through all of Zong Packages and choose one that meets their data needs.


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